If you weren't at the CES 2002, check this...

Thanks Dragon!

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I enjoyed the show - thanks!
Maybe I have bad ears, but none of those rooms (except for the Rockport one) that they list as the top of the show impressed me. It's interesting to see first hand what some people's idea of great sound is. Maybe I've got poor taste or something. Cheers!
Thanks, that was fun!!
Thanks for the post, very thoughtful!
Hueske, some of the demo's are hit and miss. You might stumble into a room and think "man, this is nirvana" and then come back later to have your ears bleed. It all depends on the source material. Sometimes this is done at the request of a consumer who brought the recording with them. As you know, some recordings sound HORRIBLE no matter what you play them on. You really have to check into some rooms several times to form a reasonable opinion. While i did not attend CES, that has been my experience at some of the other audio shows. Sean
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