If you still spin CDs, this may be the cost no object best option.

On 25th, May, I went to Yongsan Electronic Land, Seoul, Korea.

With this combination, it sounds effortless, very detailed with clear focus, deep and wide soundstage.

It is one of the best high end sound that I had ever heard.

The front end was Metronome Kalista Reference 30 year anniversary model.

Ypsilon Aellus monoblocks and PST100 pre amplfiers was used to drive 150K$ Avalon Saga speakers.


The specification of Saga is

Driver Complement:
1" Concave Carbon/Glass Neodymium Tweeter
7" Concave radial magnetic Ceramic Midrange
(2) 13" Nomex Kevlar Generation II Composite Woofers
All drivers utilize proprietary neodymium magnetic technologies.

92 dB

4 ohms nominal (3.8 ohms minimum)

Frequency Response:
20Hz to 45kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
25 to 500 watts

Wiring Methods:
Dual binding post

68" high (178 cm)
14.5" wide (37 cm)
17" deep (43 cm)

260 pounds each (118 kg each)


Kalista Dreamplay transport and Dac with two separate power supplies look grand.


This 30 year Anniversary Reference  Kalista Dreamplay transport and Dac is not cheap with price tag of 100K$.

But it seems to match the sound of MSB Select II with transport.

I am getting strong temptation to snatch this beauty.

I have to check my bank balance after going back to my home in US.

This is my first encounter with Ypsilon amplifiers and I am also deeply impressed with the quality of its sound and relatively affordable price.

PST100 pre amplifier has both active and passive mode.

Passive give more transparent sound while sacrificing little bit of dynamics.

Yongsan Electronic Land used to house more than 200 high end audio shops about 15 years ago, while it had dwindled to around 100 shops now.

But it is still one of the best place to audition high end audio and vintage audio.

As I go through the top digital systems in Korea, it is getting more difficult to choose one to replace my 10 years old EMMLab Dac2( new price was 9k$).

@shkong78 I did not think that you were saying the Jays was the best one, you mentioned 30% for the Metronome or so.  I was just saying that in the comparison to the older Metronome, what the differences were.  I have not yet heard a server that competes with a good transport and DAC combination but I would like to.  I do not want to sink money into a spinner when I guess less companies are making them especially in the future so I have been buying the older top of the line CD Transport for cheap.

If you find something that you feel is really good, please send me a message.  I have a friend that is really into this and I am pushing him to built something for me to hear.

Thanks.  Peter


Frankly speaking , the possibility to buy Kalista at 100K$ is almost zero unless I win some big lottery.

As I had been impressed with natural sound from nice music server like SGM, I am not interested in getting more CD transport.

Jay’s CDT2 will be my last one.

I am going to save money to buy top music server.


    Not all manufactures of CD players are in the DARK concerning

I.e. Scattered light/ flutter/vibration. Look at the number of higher end

Transport Mfg & Players now offering (Top loaders with clamps/ weighted clamps to boot.) Scattered light. Same! with those like Cord Dave the reader is so close to the CD light leakage is almost a non issue.

As far as the Best Dac for playback irritation control.

 If a given CD was badly engineered. Try a different artist/different label same songs.

After say $4K for CD player the next 2to 9K+spent you may half to listen to the same song over & over just hear a 2 or 3% improvement.

                                  "That's a Bet."


I agree if you cannot tell the differences within 30 seconds then don't worry about it.  If you can hear a big improvement, then you have a decision to make.

Happy Listening. 

I had listened to "The Trinity Session" by Cowboy Junkies for more than 50 times since 1990.

On 1990, my system consisted of Apogee Duetta Signature, Krell KSA 150, Passive Attenuator, California Audio Lab CD player.

This albums sounded spooky with transparent background on 1990.

Today, I played this album again with Lansche4.1, Line Magnetic 508 SET int amp, Chord Dave and M scaler with upsampling to 768 KHz.

It sounds as transparent as back on 1990, but with more details, wider and deeper soundstage.

I am happy with Chord Dave and M scaler after 20 hours of listening.

It may sound hot or analytical in bright system.

But with 4 separate isolation transformers, SET amplifier and plasma tweeter,, Chord Dave and M scaler sounds perfect not being too analytical.

I had auditioned MSB Select II, Premier, Discrete, Total Dac 6, Chord Dave and M scaler, Lampiziator Pacific, Metronome Kalista, Trinity, Aqua Formula XHD during last 6 months in the shops (not my home).

My guess is that In my system, only MSB Select II will sound significantly better than Chord Dave and M scaler in organic details, soundstage width and depth.

Trinity, Lampiziator Pacific, Metronome Kalista could be slightly better than Chord Dave and M scaler in my system but not worth upgrade from Chord Dave and M scaler.

Chord Dave without upsampling sounds just ordinary.

But with upsampler, its soundstage width, depth and transparency, details are extraordinary.

I think I can live happily with Chord Dave and M scaler for next 3 years or more.

If some innovative Dac with reasonable price of under 50K$ come out and crush all existing products in the future, then I will upgrade to it.