If you started from scratch - what would you do?

I have to replace my integrated amp and in this process there is a big "strategic" question that requires an answer: should I stil stick to CDs (my cd player still works well) and buy a new integrated amp OR already contemplate the next step using a very good DAC into a power-amp and thus pave the way for the future without cd player? What would you do and why?
In case you choose the DAC path: which one? I had the opportunity to listen to MSB the analog DAC which was great. What about Totaldac(d1-dual DAC)? Any other recommendation?
Cheers and thank you
I'd replace the integrated. If you get something with a built in dac I'd try ripping cd s to computer and playing from there versus current CD player and go from there.
I prefer to keep my components separate. With patience, I found I could get the best of each type of component. Also, replacing and/or upgrading is much easier.
Amplifiers are a relatively stable platform. Purchase a good one and it can provide trouble free enjoyment for a decade.
DAC's develop much faster (than amplifiers). IMHO - unless you're buying a statement DAC or one that can be upgraded, keeping a DAC for a decade seems unlikely - especially with less expensive DAC's.
New better performing cost effective DAC's continue to be brought to market that keep getting better. And remember, especially with DAC's, yesterday's price performing class leader is usually discounted once a newer (and usually) better model is brought to market.
Something like the Playback Designs IPS-3 might be worth considering. You get an integrated amp and state of the art DAC all in one component. You could use your CD player as a transport and the IPS-3 DAC to spin your current CD's. And you can start the transition to DSD downloads since the DAC is fully compatible.
If I had it to do all over again, from scratch - I would devote to vinyl - why, because I had to spend over 10K in DAC to compare - money better spent in music
Replace the integrated. Continue to explore DACs having proper inputs for your anticipated needs. I use a disk player and have a computer as a server. Run both through the same DAC. Amplification technology is very mature. An integrated amp can hold a place in ones system for a long time. Digital is less mature and sources are changing, imposing a greater desire/need for upgrades. Therefore I prefer to have a outboard DAC.
Lots of ways to go. It all depends. ✨
Consider the Sony HAP-1 for $2K. Better than CD player.
I agree with Tjassoc. I prefer keeping my pre, amp, and dac separate. Better bang for the buck, easier to upgrade later on.