If you're looking for new jazz tunes and vocalists

If you're constantly looking for new jazz vocalists, check out Kat Edmonson at http://www.myspace.com/katedmonson. Please note the page contains six full-length samples of her recordings and automatically loads the first cut, turn down your volume prior to clicking so as not to get a blast of sound.

She sounds like a morphed Stacey Kent/Melody Gardot/Erin Bode/Erin Boheme...with the last three representing a new breed of young jazz vocalists popping out hybrids of jazz-pop-alternative styles but still rooted in classic jazz ballads of the Great American Songbook. The commentary on her YouTube box (on the same page) was by Al Schmitt who is one of the well regarded recording engineers in the business. When I buy CDs I also inspect who was the recording engineer and if I see Al's name I can be darn sure it's a topnotch recording - e.g. Diana Krall (all albums), Paul Anka (Rock Swings), just to name few.

I listen to a great deal of old school male and female jazz vocalists but I like discovering artists that bring fresh or new vocal styles rather than harkening back to classic styles.

Btw, if you're a fan of old-time favorite Bacharach tunes check out Dutch vocalist Trijnte Oosterhuis (or Traincha for short). While her style is not necessarily new, she has a contemporary tinge of the Dionne Warwick style. She has two albums containing the Bacharach Songbook, both of which arranged by the man himself (coincidentally, mixed by Al Schmitt too). Check it out at http://www.traincha.com, go to the Music section to sample her recordings...once again, turn down your volume first coz this one has the default volume at max level.

Alternatively, you can use iTunes to listen to sample tracks of these artists.

Hope you like these recommendations.