If you only upgrade one component in HT what is it

Pre Amp, Amp , DVD player?

I am looking to upgrade one component in my home theater. Where will I see the biggest bang for my buck. I have the Mitsubishi 57" Diamond DLP using wire world Silver squared flat HDMI, or Purist Audio Design Component with Ferox as interconnect. I have Sunfire TG II and Cinema Grand, Sony s9000DVP as DVD/CD/SACD, I also picked up a Denon 357 to try 1080p upscaling.

Any thoughts on what will make the best mose noticable Audio/Video change. My system is both my HT and 2 Channel. B&W 804s, HTM3S center each with Synergistic Spec 7. Sunfire sig sub and VR-1 von s rear. All interconnects and cables are maxed for my budget (all Synergistic and Purist Audio)

1. A projector...RPTV's don't hold a candle of hope, compared to the impact you get from watching a movie on "even" a cheap front projector....bigger, is better, for movies.

2. Another subwoofer...more, is better, for movies.

All....IMHO of course

A power conditioner for the video portion of your system.
The video really gets better!
Your RPTV is too small to be useful for home theater use if you're sitting much over 6' away which would provide a 36 degree subtended field of vision.

In all but the smallest living rooms, two-piece projection is the only affordable way to get a sense of immersion comparable to what you have in the last row of a decent movie theater.

Since "black" can be no darker than the screen is, this will require light control in the form of blackout blinds if you haven't built a cave.

Spend $2000 (or whatever your budget is) on DIY room acoustics or spend a little more on professionally built room acoustics:


Doing proper acoustic treatments will improve the sound of everything you already have in your system and any future products you get will realize the same benefits.
Well a projector wont work in my room, I have considered another sub, but not enough bass has not been the problem. Thanks for your input
I have a Monster HTS 5000 and agree that should be on the list too! any recommendations

I failed to look at your room before posting...my bad. You have a very nice system, I'll start over now.

1. Room treatments....as many as you can afford.


Your system seems to be strong in all of the most important areas. So I cannot find any one component that I would upgrade. I placed in a corner and in a bind, I would say get a higher end DVD Player to complement your Sony DVP-S9000ES and for 1080p resolution from your RPTV, and I would relegate the Sony for audio duties only (i.e. -- SACD Listening). Aside from that, the only thing I can suggest is a couple of Power Conditioners to clean up the power that's going to your system (one for the audio and the other one for the video). Then afterwards, I would concentrate soley on the room/acoustic treatments.

Aside from what I said, I wouldn't make any wholesale changes to your system right now.

My $.02 worth.......

My 5cents worth: Get a Blueray player.
Any advice for power conditioners?
Upgrade your source. I've gone from the Denon DVD-5900, to Oppo, to the Toshiba HD-XA2. The Toshiba is in ANOTHER league in regards to the upconverting ability of standard dvd's. The sound is better than the Denon also. Use the HDMI to your Mitsubishi Diamond DLP, and you should see an eye-popping, almost hi-def picture.
If you then want to spend more, go with power conditioning.
Be aware however, that the best power conditioning units cost plenty. (IMO)
I'm with Avguygeorge...get an HD-DVD or Blueray player
The Monster AVS2000 and a signature Monster HTS7000 are what I use. They can be had new for 1/2 list from eBay retailers.
They do what is needed at a good price performance ratio.
When you go to sine wave regeneration.. taht is more expensive at only a marginal improvement IMO.
Be aware that the Monsters have cheap AC female sockets on the rear panels.. well worth replacing. (easy to do)