If you love the Ortofon 2M Black, you'll really love...... (help me upgrade)

Still trying to find a new cartridge and I've identified very clearly that I love the sonic signature of the 2m Black but would love something that had overall more of what it does well. With that info is there cartridge anyone would recommend up to 2500?
@boxer12 do you know that Clearaudio got their MM cartridge generators from the Audio-Technica inexpensive models? You should try the AT top of the line MM cartridges like the AT-ML180 OCC or OFC. 

How do you even find one of those?
Hey Chakster, Yes I am aware of that. The ML170 & 180 are on my want list. Thanks 
Nagaoka MP-500? Audio Technica Art 9?
If you are willing to sacrifice just a little detail for warmth, liquidity and timbre I would suggest that you look at the Grado Reference Reference 2 (not a typo - that's the model). This is one of the best sleeper high output cartridges on the market.

I'm currently running the low-output variant of this, and had a 2M Black, that failed when the pins just pulled out of the body (out of warranty).

The Black is a fine cartridge, with a great amount of detail, but I prefer the Reference 2.  Lots of detail, but greater warmth and realism, to my ears.