If you like Jazz you've go to hear "Up in Smoke "

Great new album put out by the small lable 'Sharp Nine'. It is Ian Hendrickson-Smith's first album and he and his entire quartet are right "in the pocket" on the entire album. If you like jazz you must give this a listen. It was recorded LIVE at the small NY City jazz club SMOKE. Recorded and mixed wonderfully and the music is inspiring. Check it out.

Thanks for the tip. Who are the others in the quartet? Just this morning, I listened to another Sharp Nine issue - Class of 2001 "On The Loose". Great music!
If you like Jazz(I'm not a huge fan actually), you gotta get Monster Cables HDCD Jazz compilation! Very good indeed, even if you don't care so much for jazz! It's good, well recorded (HDCD), and great demo material!
Thanks, Donnwags. It's on order.