If you like Acoustic Zen cables...

...is it safe to assume you'll enjoy the sound of Acoustic Zen speakers?

I've been a huge fan of Mr. Lee's line of cabling as I've used his entry level products in my system for a few years now. This has led me to seek out opinions of those who have familiarity with the Acoustic Zen line of speakers, most notably the Adagio. These speakers have seen lots of praise over the years, but unfortunately I have no way of demoing a pair.

For those who have experience with both the AZ line of products, what has been your impression with the speakers? I'm wondering if the Adagio's expand on the traits of his cables which, in my system, has excellent resolution along with a seductive midrange and non-strident treble. If so, I think I will be in hi-fi heaven...

Thank you!!!

Personally, I think you'll enjoy Acoustic Zen speakers irrespective of your opinions on his cables. :) I was an Acoustic Zen speaker customer long before I became a dealer, and I still love how good they sound. Extremely musical, natural, and accurate.