If you haven't, you should

I'm just sitting here checking out the threads and listening to Patty Griffin's "Flaming Red" CD. If you've never checked this CD out, you should. It's awesome. "1000 Kisses" is excellent too.
Thanks I will check her out

AMG sez:

Patty Griffin is one of the most promising singer-songwriters to come out of the Boston/Cambridge folk music scene in the past few years. Although her two albums have been sparsely produced, Griffin's poetic lyricism, bluesy alto vocals and melodic guitar picking have aimed directly at the deepest emotions of her listeners.
Is there anyone you could say its similar to? Sounds like it may be a cross between eva cassidy and rosanne cash, and that sounds interesting!
1000 Kisses is a great one. I would say that Roseanne Cash meets Eva Cassady is a pretty good description. Definately a little country flavor. And if you are looking for something new in the female R&B vein (w/o the country), try Joss Stone. Awesome eponymous first release, being sold (at Borders at least) for a bargain $7.99 for about 40 minutes worth. I would compare her to Eva Cassady or Tracy Nelson (white women singing R&B) and even dare to whisper Aretha Franklin.
I too think 1000 Kisses is a great recording. One way to try to describe her style is to imagine Bonnie Raitt singing some of the earliest Lyle Lovett songs (like 'Closing Time' or 'Pontiac'). Even Bonnie Raitt singing on some of her 70's records is reminiscent (like 'Been Too Long At The Fair'). All the acoustic soul of these songs comes through superbly. One of the best things I've heard in quite awhile.
I got Flamming Red today and 1000 kisses is on its way- thanks for the recommendation! Though I wouldn't go as far as sayin its Eva Cassidy meets Rosanne Cash more along the lines of Sheryl Crow meets Vanessa Carlton with a Lucinda Williams edge; in any case I like it a lot!