If you have Dynaco MKIII's which speakers ?

Are you using with them...strengths and weaknesses?

I will be using a Berning TF-10 preamp.
I have two pairs of Mk. IIIs, one pair I have had for over 20 years. They are fun to listen to and never die. Quad ESL 63s sound good with Dynas, and I have even driven Acoustats with them way back when. Otherwise, look for a nice clean box with a simple crossover, sane impedance curve and average sensitivity. You will do fine and be happy. Do NOT get the trade-up bug. Many have. Often they only end up spending more and having less--fun that is, he said from experience.
Good luck,
Mine were owned by the OTL-Atmasphere guy and Chris Ossana of Audio Research,,so hopefully, they do sound good...they are in Altec Lansing style chasis.

I'm driving Meadowlark Nighthawks, 93 db, and they sound wonderful. Take a look at the Osprey. Bass is a bit rolled off, but that's not important to me.
I had owned a pair od Dyna. Mk3's at one time.I think I still have a copy of the scematic.I drove them with Martin Logan CLS 2's with great sucess.I kinda miss them.
Using single driver Konus Essences strapped to 4 MkIIIs. Purity!
Klipsch Cornwalls, you'll never go forward.