If you have a rebuilt Garrard or Lenco you need this!

I have been thrilled with my Woodsong Garrard 301. Robin at Robyatt Audio suggested that I get a LDA Power Supply.
These change from 60hz to 50hz and, most significantly, up 110v to 220v. The motors on the Garrards and Lencos were designed to run on 220v. When fed the right power. it is transformative. 
They said it would be shocking. I agree! Now that the motor has 220v and 50hz, the music has a hold on it that is revelatory. It is most shocking in piano. What was before ok and kind of old sounding now sounds more like a piano that I have heard from my system. And the bass is amazing. Strong, clear and tight. 
You have to make a couple of simple changes but not very difficult. These are about $1K but so well worth it!

Does Robin sell them?
I have a 401 that is NOT converted. It is still 220 and has the 50 hz pully.

401 anyone? 

I'm a Thoren guy, and for rim drives Russcos, Sparta, QRKs..

Good to know though.. I think I have a 301 somewhere. 401 was the better of the two.

Weird a Zero 100 was the best looking and WORST sounding of the whole bunch.. I have one all dolled up.. Just like my Victrola..


I think I'll stick to my Phoenix Engineering combo on my Nantais Lenco. Holds speed within .01 rpm. But good to know there's another excellent option out there.
The LDA power supply is an AC regenerator similar to the one Monarchy Audio and CTC Turntable used to carry. It should be excellent in lowering Garrard motor noises allowing the motor to run smoother and quieter, this is audible if you put your ears close to the platter. With certain music, the improvement is really drastic, with other music the improved motor made music not sound as immediate. The Garrard seems to have lost some of the drive that Garrards are known for. I'm not against or in favor of AC regenerators, just pointing out both sides for you to consider. 
I know the owner of LDA he is active in the UK HiFi scene at all levels.
He is regularly contributing in forums to assist with Helping Enthusiasts get over the line with their Audio Device Builds.

He is a Meet and Greet Face at some Enthusiast HiFi Events I attend.

He also runs a Business and has produced very reputable Amplification and other devices.

His work on Phonostages is renowned in the UK.  

In a recent Post I had referenced a Experience I undertook with a LDA Speed Controller.
I first heard it in use as a 'in the rough' Prototype on a Garrard 401.
The Garrard 401used is a Upgrade Build Model produced by a UK Company, with a 12" Tonearm and Phasemation Cartridge. 

The Playback System was a Reference Phonostage > Soulution Pre and Monoblocks > Maxonic Field Coil Speakers.
The First Audition put in place for the Comparison was the Garrard Powered Direct from the Wall Socket .
The Second Audition was the Garrard 401 powered via a Isotek Mains Conditioner at a Retail Value of £6000+
The Third Audition was the Garrard 401 powered via the LDA Quartz Locked Power Supply, the LDA was powered from the Wall Socket.

The LDA out performed each previous Power Supply by a much improved margin.
All attendees were impressed by the performance that was experienced.
The LDA was given a applause by the audience.

A second demonstration was put on using the LDA Quartz Power Supply.
Correct me if I am missing the correct term for the motor to be referred to.

A Belt Drive TT with a Non Synchronous Motor was played through the
same Three Power Supply Methods, the TT was not as well adorned with a Tonearm and Cartridge as the Garrard 401.

Again the audience went for the LDA Powered TT as the most impressive.

Jump forward a few months, I met the LDA Owner at a HiFi Social Event I like to attend.
I was questioning the use of the now fully completed and marketed
LDA Quartz Lock Power Supply.
I had offered to bring my own NSC Speed Controller along to a future event to compare the two devices.
To my surprise I was offered the LDA to take home and compare them with my PTP Solid 9, to which I accepted.
It was also agreed I was welcome to use it at a couple of my local to home social meet ups.

The LDA was immediately noticeable at being better than my Speed Controller in the way the Bass was much tighter and the Mid's and Highs were projecting.

At a friends with a modified Thorens Belt Drive, the LDA shone, the Thorens was elevated.
The Thorens owner was shocked as they believed the modifications had maxed out their TT's performance.
The Final Day out for the LDA was to visit a friend who lives and breathes Garrard 401's and Lenco GL 75's .
These TT's are modded to the Hilt and there are not many who modify to the extent of this persons TT's
There is a resident custom version of a Speed Controller to work with the TT's.
Well the LDA did the same as all previous auditions, it performed in a improved manner, that was noticeable.
Taught Bass and Upper Frequency Projection.
This hurt my friend as he was under the impression he was not to be surpassed.
He took this audible memory and tuned his own Speed Controller to
mimic the LDA control of the Low, Mid, and High Frequencies.

I know Nick Gorman to be a very polite and very helpful as a person,
few will have not benefitted from his input offered, either socially or professionally.
He is a very capable at his profession,  with his designs and production of HiFi Devices.