If you have a rebuilt Garrard or Lenco you need this!

I have been thrilled with my Woodsong Garrard 301. Robin at Robyatt Audio suggested that I get a LDA Power Supply.
These change from 60hz to 50hz and, most significantly, up 110v to 220v. The motors on the Garrards and Lencos were designed to run on 220v. When fed the right power. it is transformative. 
They said it would be shocking. I agree! Now that the motor has 220v and 50hz, the music has a hold on it that is revelatory. It is most shocking in piano. What was before ok and kind of old sounding now sounds more like a piano that I have heard from my system. And the bass is amazing. Strong, clear and tight. 
You have to make a couple of simple changes but not very difficult. These are about $1K but so well worth it!

So you have to swap out the 60Hz pulley and change the wiring on the power block? Do you have to mess with the eddy brake? How do you change speed? Thanks.
Yes, you need to get the 50Hz pulley and change the jumpers on the wiring block. There are four poles with 2 jumpers on the two on the sides for 110v to one jumper to the two center poles for 220v.
It is a little tricky to make sure the idler wheel only makes connection on the lowest notch of the pulley. With the PS you change between 33 and 45 on the unit with a switch. There is also a variable speed control there that can be locked with a switch on the back. The improvement is huge.
Does Robin sell them?
I have a 401 that is NOT converted. It is still 220 and has the 50 hz pully.

401 anyone? 

I'm a Thoren guy, and for rim drives Russcos, Sparta, QRKs..

Good to know though.. I think I have a 301 somewhere. 401 was the better of the two.

Weird a Zero 100 was the best looking and WORST sounding of the whole bunch.. I have one all dolled up.. Just like my Victrola..