If you had to choose, which cable would you buy?

I’ve been pondering something for a while.

Cables operate with 3 main specs - Impedance, Capacitance, and Resistance. We know these can be measured by test gear. With this data, we can determine the differences between cables. If a difference is too negligible to be audible, then we can assume that 1 or more cables share the same level of performance. I am only referencing this discussion.

For the sake of this discussion, let us deduce that we have the most flawless test gear in the world. There are only 3 units available worldwide. Since we are using the DynaTox Industries 3000, we can be certain that our measurements are accurate. Along with this, we have unbiased / blind listening tests that are conducted by 4 people with perfect hearing. We are using the same system and have an extra person swapping cables; no other changes whatsoever.

Our cables:

RCA cable #1: household cable - measures poorly. (noisy) = $10
RCA cable #2: department store cable - measures better. (less noise) = $40
RCA cable #3: specialty cable from Japan - measures even better. (inaudible) = $250
RCA cable #4: NASA cable - measures even better! (inaudible) = $2500

From the given examples, the specialty cable from Japan and the NASA cable are flawless in terms of performance. Since the NASA cable measures slightly better as proposed, is the price justified? I would think so. Yes.

Which cable would you buy?
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The first person to prove scientifically that wire has a "sound" will win the Nobel Prize in Physics!
Not so - differences between cables have been shown in the sort of scientific double-blind listening tests that measurementalists seem to prefer. You might check with Michael Fremer about his history with blind cable testing and how some test conductors account for "outliers."
Why oh why would anyone "have to" choose?
Hypothetical BS?
cleeds"You might check with Michael Fremer about his history with blind cable testing"

There is nothing special, unique, or extraordinary about Michael Fremer there have been many scientifically controlled double-blind listening tests that confirm beyond any question, doubt, or legitimate challenge that some listeners under some conditions can hear differences between audio cables intended for use in a Music Reproduction System. There are many people here who post test results conducted by others that do not reveal such differences but those test results can only be applied to that specific test and can not scientifically be applied to the results of other tests or to what other listeners might expect in their own experience.