If You Had the $$$ to Piece Together Your Dream System What Would It Consist Of?

What components would you buy including cabling?
Why not start by telling us what you would buy?
Im thinking about it let you know asap!!
We do a thread like this about once a year...
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My dream system? The Burmester. In a GT3RS.
If I had the money I’d just hire a different band, ensemble, or orchestra for whatever I was in the mood for. 
If you’re limiting it to an actual system, I think I’d start with designing the room from the ground up and clean power supply systems. It might be interesting to build a symmetrical room with a system at each end for A/B comparisons of speakers. I’m going to go buy some lottery tickets and get back to you. I think part of the attraction of budget unlimited would be multiple systems with vastly different objectives. 

Like European Royalty of yore, my own in-house Baroque Orchestra, alternating sets with The Dave Edmunds Band (brought out of retirement).

On their day off, I’ll listen to recordings through big SoundLab ESL’s and Magnepan MG30.7’s, both augmented with an Eminent Technology TRW-17 Thigpen Rotary Woofer. I’ll find myself a Townshend Audio Rock Reference turntable, fit it with an arm to be determined carrying Tzar DST and London Reference pickups, electronics by, perhaps, EAR-Yoshino.

Altogether still cheaper than the Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic ;-) .