If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?

2020 was the first year of my adult life that I did not attend any concerts. I'm sure that I'm not alone in this unfortunate situation. So, this got me thinking about both the concerts that I "missed" (could've gone, but something went wrong) or concerts I "wished I'd had the chance to see."

Plus, I thought this would be a good bookend to the ongoing (and excellent) thread about "the worst concert you ever saw."

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Of the concerts I would go back and see again; The absolute top of the list is Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery Tour circa 1973 or 74, I believe. That flat out top’s every show I have ever seen. Also would like to see Deep Purple’s Machine Head show in ’73 again. Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy tour was magical, as was Yes’ Tale’s from Topographic Ocean’s.

I did happen to see Pink Floyd’s Obscured by Clouds Tour and found out a few years back that what I saw was TDSOM being played to audiences prior to the album even being made. It was one of the first shows I went to and was unfortunately mostly lost to memory, but I wouldn’t mind see that again. However, the later Floyd of the eighty’s and nineties were technically magnificent shows and, imo, not to be missed.

eonsx311 mentioned the Pink Floyd’s Pulse Tour and man was he right. When that show hit LA there were two dates that sold out. I had tickets to one of the dates. Then they added two more dates. I went to see the show and it was so good that the next day I said to one of my best friends that this was such a good show that we should just go down to the sports arena and schlep some tickets out front which we did and had such a killer time that we did it again the very next night too. So I caught 3 out of the 4 or those dates. Then a few years later they came to Orange County and I hit it again. That’s when I learned that Pink Floyd shows were not to be missed!
Probably the biggest show that I regret missing was Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick show. For some reason I didn’t go to it, but all my friends did. They literally were talking about it for a year. I also don’t know why I missed the TDSOM tour though. I must have been sleep walking or possibly altered.

- Fun thread!
Fun thread. I actually went to my share of those concerts you guys went to or wish they had.
I would transport myself back to 1984 and watch the Prince (Purple Rain tour) concert me and a couple of high school buddies were at all over again- it was amazing...