If you had $2500 to spend on a new TT and cart.....what would you buy?

Without being able to demo any of the choices and decide just by reviews, advice and opinion? What would you buy?
For simplicity and good sound the Rega/Exact is a good choice. I would prefer the 1200GR paired with a Hana SL. 
Brainless, nearly plug and play, I would agree with the Rega Planar 6. Sounds excellent overall especially for the $$. You can play with cartridges if you want, but the out of the box package is very good.
With that budget you should be able to find a really good, very attractive rig that you’ll want to keep. I’d be keeping my eyes peeled for a good used SOTA, Well Tempered, Clear Audio, VPI, maybe a better Rega, AR, or Thorens. The top shelf Technics, Pioneer, JVC, and Kenwoods can also be quite nice sounding, though a bit less esoteric.

Its subjective, but IMO, the trick is get a TT with an arm that’s compatible with a cart that you love. Once the basic TT elements are properly addressed, the carts tend to have the most impact on the SQ. After living with a Nagaoka MP150 with an upgraded MP500 stylus for the past several months, I can heartily recommend giving the MP500 a go if its a match for your TT and pre. It has some incredibly open textured mids, huge soundstage and separation, killer resolution and micro dynamics, and extremely natural delicate treble. It’s in the moving iron class, so doesnt’ need an extra step up.

Enjoy your search