If you had $12,000 for speakers and amp

If you had $12,000 to spend on speakers and amp used what would buy? One example, Thiel 7.2 used for $7,000 and a Mark Levinson 336 used for $5,000. What would your buy and why?
JM Labs 927Be speakers with YBA passion integrated and money left over for some swell cables. A very well rounded system that does a lot of things right. Probably not much better without spending a whole lot more money.

Of course that is my opinion only. This is a really tough question without knowing what kind of music you listen to, what kind of room you have, and what your significant other thinks of big speakers in your room.
Jcb2000, if I had a budget of $12000.00 to spend on used speakers and amps I would choose the following: 1) MG-3.6's 2) Pass Labs X-600 monoblocks. This combination would offer great sonic beauty and that special planer trait of filling a room with the music in a very natural way. The 3.6's are one of the great bargains of the high-end to begin with, bought used they offer so much you would have to spend thousands more to get a better sounding speaker. The 600's were the best sounding Pass Labs X series amps and offer the current and 120 watts of class A power to make the Maggies really "sing". You would still be about $2000.00 under budget, which you could use for the other gear in your system.
i would buy vandersteen 3a signatures new with a 2b bryston amp , aes djh pre tubed amp, with transparent plus speaker biwire with jumpers and transparent plus interconnects...save a ton of money and buy linn or cary used cd player and buy music...if not the amp pre amp combo then a plinis 8100 intergrated....save money buy music which is just as important...thanks for the question and letting me respond
Well, might not be quite 12K, but I'd grab a set of Odyssey Stratos Extreme Mono's, and a pair of Harbeth Monitor 40's.

I'm drooling just thinkin' about it....(:

My reality is not so drool inspiring !

I would do exactly what I did : Legacy Whispers and McCormack DNA-500 amp. Lots of power, musicality, detail, imaging, layering, etc. They work really well together - the Whispers just sing!
If you're careful, can be done for about $12K used.
Well, I'm not much for box speakers, so Soundlab/Apogee/Maggies as speaker choices for me...amps would depend on which of those three I went with. Could be tubes or solid state...depending.

I would buy the Harmonic Precision Caravelles with their stands, YBA Passion Intgegre, and if you need those very low Hz (as I did) get a Jame EMB sub woofer) I'm suggesting these components from first hand listening experience as you can see if you click onto my "system." You will be hard pressed to find better. Different? Certainly, but sound to die for. And you can buy them new. peace, warren

BTW the Maggie recommendation is a good one, but the amp (as far as power goes)is not, IMO. You need a shit load more quality watts to run those babies. Figure 400 per, not to be behind the eightball. Maggies, also, need oodles of room. And I mean oodles to really sing...
I would buy some used Wilson Benesch Curves or Coincident Super Eclipse v3's and some used Manley 250's.

You don't specify listening style or types of music so I'm just listing my own personal opinion.
I thnk there was a typo in Teejay's spec for the Pass X-600. Perhaps he meant to say 1200 watts.
Eminent Technology 8s for as little as c. $1200, Quicksilver V4s for $2500 - $3000, an Outlaw 755 or 770 ($1000 - $1700) for the bass modules, and a couple-hundred dollars for the electronic crossover of choice.

You'll end up with GREAT sound--huge, spacious soundstage if you can get them 5 - 7 feet from the front wall, highly transparent and revealing, and well-extended, well-defined, tuneful bass--for c. $7K. Buy better somehting-or-other with the $5K left over.

A caution--if you listen at high levels, say, peaks well over 100dBA, the 8s probably aren't for you. But they fill my 3200CF room VERY easily with FIFTY Watts on the MR/treble!

See my system at http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vdone&1126390461&read&keyw&zzjeffrey%20s .
Depending on your taste and room size, I will suggest:

Sonus Faber Cremona + some tube amps or a good solid state for under $10k

Dynaudio Contour 5.3 or Confidence 2 + a good solid state amp for ~$10k

Verity Parsifal + some tube amps for slightly over $10k

All three speakers will give you lots of listening pleasure.
Atmasphere or Joule OTL monos paired w/Coincident Super Eclipses would do it for me.
speakers:ohm,castle,gradient;vandy;pmc;totem;klipsch legacy;maggie;harbeth;tannoy;jbl......amps:spectral;mac;cj; accuphase;vac;arc;bel;symphonic line;bryston
Pass Labs X-60tt0's and Martin Logan Prodigy's- 6K each used.