If you had 10k to spend on tube amp?????

What company's products should I be looking at?
For what speakers? Amps and speakers should always be considered in combination with one another. Nonetheless, my short list would include:

Atma-Sphere OTLs (the MA-2s will drive most speakers but a used pair will be over your limit, the MA-1s require a bit more care in matching)

Convergent Audio/CAT (if one must live with a transformer based amp)

Lamm (for efficient speakers)
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Yes at first. When I upgrade it will be Vandersteen 5A's.
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Get the Rogue Zeus for $7995 new or for much less used.They don't show up used very often though.Keep the other $2000 for your speakers upgrade .
Tvad is spot on as usual!
Thank You for the help. I will take that advice.
A used pair of Cary 211 AE monoblocks can be had for under your price point. These would be an excellent match with the 5A's. I use a pair with the 3A Sigs with excellent results.
Synergy between the components is the most important aspect of getting the most out of your system. Otherwise you end up chasing your tail and spending tons of cash.
For synergy ARC & Vandersteen, used $10,000 buys a lot of ARC
Hi,a used CAT jl2 sig,about 9000.00
If you are going to the 5A you need to look into the Aesthetics Atlas amp...its a tube/solid state hybrid with 400 watts at 4 Ohm's and has been enginered with input from Richard Vandersteen himself. It includes the inboard High Pass filters, is balanced and single ended and sounds fantastic...my dad is buying one for his Vandy Wood Quatro's.....its $8000 and plus you save on the high pass you need for the 5A so it actually will cost you around $7300 all told.
Audition if you can, its zero feedback...powerful and fills your face with a big ole' smile when you hear it!
Chad I thought you could not live with the vandersteen 5a's. Too dark and boxy remember. I am glad to see you woke up and smell the coffee. Bye the way your girlfriend look very nice. She have ant single friends???? I am in Michigan.
Chad I mean no offense. It a learning experience for us all.
I think you have me confused with another Chad, though I have not always been a huge experienced Vandersteen promoter I have for the last couple years. My largest issue with them was looks and I have heard them sound bad in the past with poor attetion to all the details with placement and equipment and accoustics but the 5A has been my dream speaker for some time now.
But seriously look at that Atlas amp....its a killer!
They wouldn't accept my post I said by a brand of truly world class monoblocks another brand of 845s if you perfer and an inexpensive big co brand pre.The only thing is I know the fellow who wholesales one of the brands mentioned Comnplete disclosure. I hate these weekend morons.
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Assuming compatible speakers, a pair of used Lamm ML2s can be had in that range.
We are all over the place with suggestions, aren't we?In the end buy what you like and afford ,I say.
Two (20 Mcintosh MC 275, with Bel the Wire Interconnects.
Maybe I would by a nice tube pre amp. but I try to stay far away from tube power amps.
So maybe a Nagra PL-P
I would definitely go for Art Audio Quartet monoblocks.
They drive my friend Andra Eggleston,without any problem
at all.They are so musical,they posses 3D layering,and
the vocal makes you feel, the performer is in the
Audio Research Tube Mono Blocs such as the VTM 200 or
the VM 220's would be a phenomenal match with the Vandersteen 5's. I've heard that combo a number of times...
exquisite! well within your budget (used) as well.

As an added bonus, they'll also do a great job with your Martin Logans as you prepare to do the speaker upgrade.
this question has been posed before. my answer is still the same. i would buy a conrad johnson mv 125. i have aheard this amp several times. it is my favorite amp and i would buy one today, if it were available.