If you had $1,400 , A TTable thing

     My hometheater is 90% complete, the room acoustics are exactly where i wanted them due to diffusers, absorbers and corner traps.....

    wts, im ready to delve back into 2ch analog ttable. I really wanna spin records again.

     I have always wanted a Denon Dp59L, i use to own a 62L, On the used market shipped, they (59L) average $1000 to $1500......

     Have at it, give your thought on alternatives, or a “Go for it” as to the Denon
I made a half of the room treatment according to the project i got from Vicoustic, you can read in my thread here. The most importnat is room analysis you can order from them, then you can do everything right exactly for your room. 

Denon is great, last month i bought DP-80 in mint condition, luckily i have many tonearms and cartridges to experiement with. The budget near $1500 is fine for a vintage Direct Drive TTs, maybe you need more for a decent cartridge. What cart are you using ? 
Technics 1200GR with Nagaoka MP150. 
MP150 is best buy in audio .
Technics 1500 series are on the way ... late summer availability.

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You can certainly get a decent Denon vintage DD for under $1000 leaving plenty for a good cart .
Although $250 should do as I will third the MP 150 suggestion. Hard to better that cart for the price, I was very impressed with mine, a little forward in its presentation but a huge step up from Grado Prestige 1 Blue.


EBay is a good hunting ground for vintage DD tables, IF you know what to look for.
Not sure if your on any other audio forum sites but 
there are 2 Denons being offered up, neither are mine.

One is a 57L  recapped for $600, and a 60L for $650.

These are both on AudioKarma within the members only section.

When your budget is $1400 to include cartridge, you can look at the Technics 1500 which comes with a cheap and cheerful $99 cartridge and stay in budget. Or you can SAVE for a little while longer and get my initial (and better) suggestion.
Easy...get yourself a pro-ject the classic sb superpack with the sumiko blue point no 2 mc cartridge. Beautiful to look at, and unbelievably musical. $1499 complete. Even comes with leather matt, low capacitance upgraded interconnects, and the beautiful diamond cut record clamp. Plus the pro-ject speed box built in! I do not think you will find anything better for $1499. Available in real walnut, rose nut, or eucalyptus wood and book matched to boot. 9 inch carbon fiber/aluminum tonearm, damped counter weight, damped 5 lb machined aluminum platter, and suspended sub chassis via elastomer balls. Alternatively, you could wait till July for when the brand new upgraded the classic evo by project comes out! Upgrades to tonearm, power supply, and the sub platter assembly (changed from phenolic to aluminum for added rotational mass and speed stability) price $1599 in usa. Go and read Fremer’s review of the sb superpack, as well as the CNET review by the audiophiliac dude. Positive feed back also reviewed the table, and what hifi gave the regular classic 4 out of 5 stars and loved it. Despite all the reviews, what matters of course is how it sounds to you. As I mentioned, based on your budget, you will have a tough time beating this table. The only other table in that price range of $1400 would be the Music Hall mmf-7.3 with the dual plinth and ortofon bronze mc cartridge @ $1599. I own the original mmf7 with goldring eroica. It is a fantastic table, very quiet. Both tables suggested offer adjustable Vta and azimuth, as they are essentially the same arm.
I may be selling the music hall mmf7 here on audiogon. I own quite a few turntables....6 in all, so I need to sell one or two. It’s in great well cared for condition. This one was bought new by me when it first hit the shelves years ago.

Get the Denon you have always wanted. If not now, when?
I second the Technics SL1200GR.  You can start off with an Ortofon Red cartridge.  About 1800 with a cartridge & brand new.

glupson2,331 posts06-16-2019 11:06pmGet the Denon you have always wanted. If not now, when?

i agree :0)

I still use my DP-62L over everything else. Hard to beat even when I’ve spent a lot more than the $800-$900 it would cost to replace it. That’s in the US anyway. 
I have had a few expensive TT’s. Some with $3500 arms.  I got out of vinyl only to then get back into it. I love the look of Denon’s you have mentioned, and always wanted one. There’s a guy on EBay who specializes in selling restored ones including Yamaha’s as well.  I bough one of his Yamaha’s for $700 recapped and restored. I had him mount my a $1600 Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star cartridge on a Soundsmith wood head shell. The unit sounds incredible.  You will need a good phono pre?  Go for it! If not now, when?
The 62L was my first analog Love, sold it back in the mid 90’s :0(

i could easily Live with the 62L, but the 59L would be a BucketList Table, im gonna finish up the last 10% of the TheaterRoom, and begin squirreling away some cash.

then of course there’s cartridge/preamp to be used.

schubert MP150 is best buy in audio .
I couldn't agree more!
I know this is about my bucketlist TT, any interest in exploring preamps, i’d love a tube pre amp just because :0)
Follow your heart. Subconsciously you’ve prepared yourself to enjoy it, so it will probably bring you the most satisfaction. Even if it’s not utopia, it’s about reaching a goal you set for yourself. Find that Denon DP59L and you will never be wondering if you should have got it. 
schubert and bstatmeister327, are you referring to the Nagaoka 150 stereo cartridge? Sure hope so because I just ordered one, and , frankly don't know anything about them.
Yes we all are talking about the Nagaoka mp150 cartridge.

You will be very impressed of that I have no doubt!.
It has replaced a near $3k MC cart on my Notts table and I have not much urge to revert back.
And it is still new with maybe 15 hours on it only and should only get better.
Thanks for the reply. Am putting it on an AR-ES1 with a Sumiko MMT arm and a Merrill subcarriage. Have not run it since the Merrill was added. It replaces an old Grado cart that was well regarded in its day. This is my idea of a low dough show....especially since I bought everything new in the '80s. Based on the comments here, I am really excited. Thanks to all for the guidance and comments.