If you didn't go to CES check this out


Audioasylum has a lot of links on CES, and some really interesting pics: An amplifier that looks like a chrome and polished copper automobile engine, a wonderful shot of Nelson Pass (I own his gear, but have never met him), a picture of Cabasse being constricted by anaconda sized cabels ...
Excellent! I'll send the link to my True Believer friends!

The stainless/copper amps are Josh Stippich's - IMNSHO, the best of show of any components I saw. (CES and THE combined). More of his work is at http://www.electronluv.com/, including the amps of his that I own.

Nelson is a pretty cool guy, definitely different. His new speaker is quite nice, a bit pricey but well done.

-Ed Sawyer
Thanks Judit, lot's of stuff here I didn't see at the show. Maybe because them stairs got the best of me.