if you did buy the new schiit sol.......

okay so i have some B&W 804's, old naim equiptment and want to buy the new Sol.  What cartridge would you buy if you loved vocals, and crystal clear sound?
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There is an ADC XLMIII for sale right now on Audiogon that is slightly used for $90.00 that might prove to be a great fit. This is a cartridge of old that still will bring a lot to the TABLE and is a moving magnet design so you won't need a moving coil preamp and should pair well with the SOL. Enjoy the music
What phone stage were you contemplating?
It screams for a London/Decca but they’re not inexpensive. I heard it at AXPONA with a Nagaoka MP11 and their set up video uses a Grado Black(?). What I heard was a somewhat clear but mellow sound. With the Grado, which can be even more laid back, they may prefer that type of voicing. I prefer a lot more clarity and detail. At $400, you might look at the Audio Technica VM750SH. Quite bright before run-in of around 10 or 20 hours. Then it’s pretty awesome with 3D soundstage.
thanks for the feedback guys, I was thinking of just buying the schiit phonostage as well.  

i will check out the suggested cartridges
Conrad a collaborator on the arm design mentioned 12 to 13 gr
eff mass less cart.
Nagaoka MP-150. Best bang for the buck cart there is
The Nagaoka looks great!  Anybody try the carts higher up the chain?
Per my post above, I'm amused to see that Schiit are using a Decca Maroon ($1000) on their demo at RMAF.
Looks like you nailed it!  That is an expensive cart for a 700$ table
That's the point of the SOL - brings out the best in any cart, whether cheap or spendy
So bstatmeister. You would put a 1000$ cartridge on a 700$ table?  Not judging I know next to nothing honestly. Just wondering if that is typical 
Why not? Schiit did. I used have a $1500 Decca SG on my first idler, an old, original $700 Garrard 401. With amazing results. Nevertheless, I’d always advise to get the table in order first as a general rule.
okay cool, did anybody get to hear this table at RMAF
Many 700 $ tables can get all a 2K cart has !
Well 1k for a cart isn't really considered 'bang for the Buck' I don't think, but that is the space where Schiit lies. I say if you have a grand you don't know what to do with them sure, get a 1k cart, but plenty of good deals at between 200-400 dollars such as the aforementioned Nagaoka MP150. I would buy that and just fuggetaboutit. If you want to spend 100 bucks more get the mp200 with a boron canteliever to squeak out just a bit more performance
Awesome advice guys!  Nobody heard it at RMAF?