If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?

I have interest in hearing about yours.   I can think of some great concerts over the years in many great buildings, from Hancher in Iowa City, to Fisher Hall in New York, to some bars in Copenhagen. 

Something I have noticed....performers have times they are more "on" just like us, and it can make their concerts be perceived at different levels.   I know the three times I saw Jackson Browne, each was much different and most of that was his intent.  Having a good sized group with very talented back up singers to the time I saw him solo....all great, but very different.  He is a better guitar player than he may be given credit for. 

The live Jazz I have been to in NYC is near the top.  Sweet Basil and the Blue Note through the years have been very good to me, but in a much different vein, the lakefront festivals in Milwaukee are a somewhat unknown to most of America. 

I did see a few artists before their success and fame, saw a famous British singer at a bar in Rapid City many years ago..and he has done well since. 

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To live over: any of the performances of the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Seiji Ozawa that I heard as a poor, starving student.

To NEVER live over again: any of the performances (but especially of Mozart) of the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Josef Krips that I heard as a poor, starving student.
1979 Dave Mason, Red Rocks, with my girlfriend Cheryl,a magical night.
Milles with Hank Mobley and Wynton Kelley and Jimmy Cobb
At the Blackhawk 4/22/61 on Saturday night.
Thanks to Bernie Fuller (RIP) for taking me there with his son, David. We drank Two Crappy Syrup cokes for each set! I didn't realize what history I was viewing. Okay I was 16.  Silly junior in high school. Became a full fledged jazz idiot from that moment on. NOBODY beats Hank Mobley on ts.  Fugettabout Coltrane, Dexter and the rest (except Harold Land a totally different species of tone for ts...saw HIM on Central Avenue in LA with Blue Mitchell. I'm old but Blessed.
I don't suppose anyone is interested in great performances in classical, opera, cantorial or traditional jazz that I want to hear/see again.
In 1966 a little girl named Joni Anderson Mithcell played a 'coffee house' in Saginaw, Michigan.  Joni had been in 'the states' only about 3 months and was living in Detroit off of Cass Ave.  (Every Detroiter will know!) I was a college sophmore and my girl friend and I went to the show with another graudate student who played an 'audition set' betweeen Joni's sets.  We all got to share a table for the 'artists' for the evening.  She played The Circle Game in the first set and played it 3 more times that night at my insistent requests.  Still may be my favorite out of her incredible  music.  
Several months later I moved to Detriot myself and lived in the Cass Corridor and found Joni lived up stairs.  She separated from Chuck Mithchell and headed out for Califorinia in the wake of divorcce and the heart ache of placing her baby for adoption.  We would sit at the Traffic Jam, a tiny neighborhood bar that is a upscale bar and restaurant today, and talk.  
I have not seen her since, except in concert (opened for Dylan in Minneapolis in the late 1990s).  I would love to be back in Saginaw at the  Ginger Blue and sipping muddy expresso and watching a left handed guitar player on an upside down guitar with the voice and the words of an angel.  I wonder if she remembers Detriot and Richard?