If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?

I have interest in hearing about yours.   I can think of some great concerts over the years in many great buildings, from Hancher in Iowa City, to Fisher Hall in New York, to some bars in Copenhagen. 

Something I have noticed....performers have times they are more "on" just like us, and it can make their concerts be perceived at different levels.   I know the three times I saw Jackson Browne, each was much different and most of that was his intent.  Having a good sized group with very talented back up singers to the time I saw him solo....all great, but very different.  He is a better guitar player than he may be given credit for. 

The live Jazz I have been to in NYC is near the top.  Sweet Basil and the Blue Note through the years have been very good to me, but in a much different vein, the lakefront festivals in Milwaukee are a somewhat unknown to most of America. 

I did see a few artists before their success and fame, saw a famous British singer at a bar in Rapid City many years ago..and he has done well since. 

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Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Washington College, 1964. Chestertown Armory with about 400 people - all dancing. (Think Animal House - Otis Day and the Knights scene.) They played for an hour and a half without a break. "Smokey! My Man!"

To live over: any of the performances of the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Seiji Ozawa that I heard as a poor, starving student.

To NEVER live over again: any of the performances (but especially of Mozart) of the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Josef Krips that I heard as a poor, starving student.
1979 Dave Mason, Red Rocks, with my girlfriend Cheryl,a magical night.
Milles with Hank Mobley and Wynton Kelley and Jimmy Cobb
At the Blackhawk 4/22/61 on Saturday night.
Thanks to Bernie Fuller (RIP) for taking me there with his son, David. We drank Two Crappy Syrup cokes for each set! I didn't realize what history I was viewing. Okay I was 16.  Silly junior in high school. Became a full fledged jazz idiot from that moment on. NOBODY beats Hank Mobley on ts.  Fugettabout Coltrane, Dexter and the rest (except Harold Land a totally different species of tone for ts...saw HIM on Central Avenue in LA with Blue Mitchell. I'm old but Blessed.
I don't suppose anyone is interested in great performances in classical, opera, cantorial or traditional jazz that I want to hear/see again.