If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?

I have interest in hearing about yours.   I can think of some great concerts over the years in many great buildings, from Hancher in Iowa City, to Fisher Hall in New York, to some bars in Copenhagen. 

Something I have noticed....performers have times they are more "on" just like us, and it can make their concerts be perceived at different levels.   I know the three times I saw Jackson Browne, each was much different and most of that was his intent.  Having a good sized group with very talented back up singers to the time I saw him solo....all great, but very different.  He is a better guitar player than he may be given credit for. 

The live Jazz I have been to in NYC is near the top.  Sweet Basil and the Blue Note through the years have been very good to me, but in a much different vein, the lakefront festivals in Milwaukee are a somewhat unknown to most of America. 

I did see a few artists before their success and fame, saw a famous British singer at a bar in Rapid City many years ago..and he has done well since. 

Take care,

The Allman Brothers at Harrisburg Area Community College on April 18th, 1971.
Delicate Sound of Thunder, Pink Floyd
Live at Royal Albert Hall, Adele
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Washington College, 1964. Chestertown Armory with about 400 people - all dancing. (Think Animal House - Otis Day and the Knights scene.) They played for an hour and a half without a break. "Smokey! My Man!"

To live over: any of the performances of the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Seiji Ozawa that I heard as a poor, starving student.

To NEVER live over again: any of the performances (but especially of Mozart) of the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Josef Krips that I heard as a poor, starving student.
1979 Dave Mason, Red Rocks, with my girlfriend Cheryl,a magical night.