If you could replace one link...

I have an opportunity to upgrade (move up the line) of a an interconnect cable I have throughout my system. But these are expensive cables and only one set is available.

Would you recommend upgrading the interconnects between the DAC and the pre-amp, or the interconnects that go from the pre-amp to the power amps? Which would make a bigger difference and why?


If you only run digital (i.e. from your DAC to your preamp), than upgrade that one, as it is closer to your source.

If you run both analog and digital, I recommend upgrading the run between your preamp and amps, as that will be used by both sources.

My two cents worth.

Question though: It appears that you run monoblocks, right? If so, won't the interconnect between the DAC and the preamp be shorter than the one between the preamp and amps? (In my system the CDP to preamp length is about 1 meter, whereas the preamp to amps length is about 4 meters.) This would greatly affect the cost between them. (Or did you win a contest for a free interconnect of your choice? If so, lucky guy!)
this subject has been beated to death, most will tell you the DAC to pre is where to put the good cable but try it both ways because that may not be true in your system.
Thanks for the responses Kurt and Phil. SORRY! Didn't know the subject had been beaten to death. I remembered something about this, but couldn't come up with the right search terms. Anyway, your two responses are quite helpful, so thanks!
Well, I'd like to whip this pony some too... and feel the source or DAC is the place to start.

I feel it all starts there... personally.

Imporrt however is as was said, is most debateable. I just like a front to back approach all most completely as an effective path.

Getting the most resolution and detail in a nice way from the front end first seems to me as just about, as vital a thing to do too.

... and I like to choose cables for how they work in certain spots too.... so I'm not too enthusiastic about having all the same brand and type wires throughout.

Gotta start somewhere... why not at the front end?
sorry Dgaylin I did not mean to sound off

when I had seperates i found the best sound could be had when the better ic was between pre and amp. I also liked it because everything else that was hooked up to the pre sounded better as well instead of just using them at one source - not exactly a 'purist' approach but it worked for me.
What cables do you have presently from your source to DAC, DAC to pre-amp and pre-amp to amp? I favor upgrading DAC to pre-amp as I had a similar test scenario a few weeks ago and found that upgrading one pair from my DAC to pre-amp made a huge difference however, it would be good to know what you are running today in terms of cables as the answer for you may be different depending upon what your configuration is today and what you are planning to upgrade to. In the interest of objectivity I should also mention that over a year ago I found that a major expenditure in the level of AES/EBU digital cables from my transport to DAC made one of the biggest changes I have ever heard, and continue to hear and enjoy in my system so the answer to your question all depends on what you have today, what it sounds like and what sound you are hoping to refine and achieve.

Dan... jmo, but mostly I think you should start at the power source, not the music source... power cords are where it's at if you are trying to do the "one thing." (another place in the system later).

Power cords for the DAC first? Not really. Ideally, power cords for the whole system, but depending on the quality and type of your system, imho, the most critical would be the amp. But this brings the questions... one of which is, which power cords?

The Cable Company "rents" cables for this reason. I'd check out the Synergistic Research T2 and T3 power cables (no affiliation with either of these firms, just a happy customer).

One thing's for sure, there is no such thing as "replacing one link..." and getting just one result. This is not a linear thing.

If you like what you are hearing now, why mess with "perfection"?

A music system is a balance of so many things (some accidental, some intentional, some just luck) that there is no such thing as changing one thing without influencing numerous other aspects of the music experience.

Again, jmo... if not power cables, I'd change the speaker cables... try a pair of Morrow Audio SP2 or SP3 Cables (60 day trial, moneyback guarantee... (no affiliation, just a happy customer). Be sure to break them in properly.

:) listening,

This is all quite helpful, and I appreciate eveyone's responses. I have an I2s cable to go between the transport and the DAC I also have power cords that have been carefully seclected and mixed and matched for optimal sound (according to my ears of course). The reason I asked about interconnects is that my interconnects is that I have an option to upgrade here that I want to pursue. I'm committed to this brand (Crystal) for ergonimc, aesthetic (WAF), and sonic reasons, but I have a chance to move up the line.

Thanks again all.