If you could remaster three cd's...

There is a lot of great music out there, but some just sound like crap because of the recording quality, pressing, compression, etc. If you could have three of your favorite cd's remastered for better sound quality which ones would you pick? The new U2 is an excellent example of great music with terrible sound quality, ditto for Santana's Supernatural.
1. Greg Allman, "Laid Back" 2. Jimmy Buffet, "Living and Dying in 3/4 Time" 3. Wet Willie, "Best Of"
Speaking of U2, Joshua Tree CD has amazingly poor sound quality for a 1987 CD. U2 "best of 1980-1990" has remastered versions of best songs from "joshua tree" that is an improvement buy still not great. Now that I think about it, we need to remaster U2's entire catalog from Island .
U2 Auctung Baby,Dark Side of the Moon,Abbey Road. Is not Suppernatural one of the worst sounding Cd ever made.
How about ANY Tim Curry solo album just making it out on CD? Or the excellently engineered second album by Missing Person's which never appeared on CD? Hell, throw in their third (and last) while you're at it.
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (1st album), Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers, Chuck Mangione-Land Of Make Believe, Herbie Mann - Live At The Village Gate, Bob Marley- Babylon By Bus.Oops! Just three.
Danvetc. Greg Allman's Laid Back is one of my most favorite LP's. I think it sounds excellent in that form except that it is overplayed. Been looking unsuccessfully for the CD. Do you not recommend it? P.S. I am an LP lover. Will I be dissapointed with the CD?
Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom, Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues - The Missing Link Vol.2, and Vol. 3
#1- Bonnie Raitt, 1971 self titled. Recorded in a Minneapolis suburban garage with a huge band of Bonnie, Vocals, accoustir and slide guitar; Willie and the Bees ( piano, elect. guitar, drums, trumpet, baritone sax, flute, tenor sax) and Junior Wells, harmonica; A.C. Reed, tenor sax; Freebo ( of course), frettles base; Peter bell, electric guitar; Douglas "Toad" Spurgeon, trombone. This is and was Bonnie's very best recording with a mix of blues, pop and R&B. I would love to here whats under the tape hiss! #2 The album that forced me to upgrade my system the first time. Melissa Manchester 1973 "home tho myself". Her first album, and best I think, the first two songs " if it feels good (let it ride)" and "Easy" are audiophile material for sure! #3 John Mayall 1969 "turning point". What can I say, a classic. Has Jefferson Airplane "Surrealistic Pillow" been remastered? My original vinyl shows so much potential, it could be a true audiophile classic.
Mnmrmstd, you have excellent taste in music, my friend! [:)] The "Laid Back" cd is not the worst of engineering efforts, I would just like to see it in it's very best form as it is one of my all time favorites, as well. Anyone who is an Allman Bros fan and is not familiar with this album would do well to check it out. The sound is as it is titled, "Laid Back." (Used to get me through some rough mornings, in the old days.) There is also a 2 disc collection released in 1997 by Capricorn/Polygram (31452-9725-2), Gregg Allman, "One More Try: An Anthology" which has mostly previously unreleased tracts from many solo album and live sessions, (2 are from Laid Back,) and is a better mastering. If you don't have it, I'm sure you would enjoy several cuts. Happy New Year! Charlie
Mnmrmstd, email me about the Laid Back cd. I have some info for you. Charlie
George Benson-"The other side of Abbey Road", Van Morrison-"Moondance", Oasis "What's the Story Morning Glory?"
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I think we're getting mixed-up here. Firstly you can't expect either the U2 albums or Santanna albums to be remastered-one of them is just out. I think you mean re-mixed. This always puzzles me about recent recordings there seems to be a trend amongst people on this site that they are not very good.These two could be a good example since I haven't heard either-however the majority of new releases are well recorded imo. The 1st CSN&Y album has been remasterd as well. On another post somebody said the new Beatles remastered compilation was really bright. I now think 6 things 1.After listening to music(seriously) for 23 years,I no longer know what constitutes a good production. 2.Many Audiogon members should be record producers. 3. A lot of Audiogon members don't bother with any new music at all. 4.This thread is nonsense since the intial premise/question is wrong. 5.Why bother with the facts if you've got an opinion. 6.I won't get good votes on this
Try the Santana Supernatural LP from Classic Records. Still far from perfect, but LOTS better than the stock CD. On the wish list - a nice heavy vinly version of Graceland, Sinatra At The Sands remastered on heavy vinyl (the remastered CD is awesome), more early Ella Fitzgerald (e.g., the old Christmas LP)
Rickie Lee Jones- A girl and her Volcano. you can hear the record levels vary so much within a song, you wonder how many beers were consumed by the engineer. The performances on the LP are awesome. All of the moody blues( i group them as one) Andres Segovia- My favorite Spanish Encores. I would like to hear alot of his early RCA recordings cleaned up, But MFSE has some beautiful performances on it and is still very worthy of listening.
I second the "..Girl At Her Volcano" Retroguy. There are several albums I love but can only listen to on the car stereo where the recording nasties are irrelevant - one is "Miss America" by Mary Margaret O'Hara (I may have some part of that name wrong).
Thanks for the correction on the title, lost my copy of vinyl in the great flood of '93.
I just had one. A cd of Al Stewart "Year of the Cat". It sounded like a fifth generation recording on tape. Never knew why, it was a major label.
The Eagles hell freezes over. It would be nice to get a 24/96 of this by Mr. ludwig.
Top of mind: Joni Mitchell "Song to a Seagull", Jefferson Airplane "Volunteers", and Dave Liebman "Lookout Farm", but I'd settle for that last one just to be released on CD. None are great fidelity, so a little remastering improvement would be welcome.
Not only re-master, but provide CD's with a lower ERROR RATE. Remastering, by itself means little if the end product is cheapened. Anyone out there try listening to the RVG Blue Note remasters? Sure, they are better than the Capitol CD issues from the past, but they still aren't that great. To answer the original posting, I'd like to see the entire 1950's Blue Note catalog re-issued with the care and attention to detail that the original vinyl had. That would make me happy.
Ooops! I forgot Tori Amos' breakthrough album "Little Earthquakes", the classic Fleetwood Mac albums "Fleetwood Mac" and Rumours", and Kate Bush's masterpiece "The Dreaming".