If you could only keep 5 record albums, what would they be?

I am looking at my collection this evening and trying to determine my favorites.  If I had to narrow it down to 5 it would be: Dan Fogelberg...The Netherlands; Roy Clark...Yesterday When I Was Young; James Taylor...Flag; Talking Heads...77; and last but not at all least, Commodores...Greatest Hits. All oldies but goodies that I still enjoy listening to as much as when I bought them many years ago.
5 records is very difficult to pick when you have more than 3000 cd/sacd/dvd-a/Music Blu-Ray. 
Here’s a shot at it:

1.- Dark Side of The moon - Pink Floyd
(Album that was on the Billboad 100 for the longest time)
2.- Rumors - Fleetwood Mack
(One of the top 5 best selling album of all times)
3.- Eagles greatest hits
(Also one of the top 5 best selling album of all times) 
4.- Breakfast in America - Supertramp
5.- Good Bye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John. 

It it was very difficult :(:(:(
I had to leave out:

1.- Hotel California - Eagles
2.- We Can’t Dance - Genesis 
3.- Led Zeppelin IV
4.- Billy Joel Greatest Hits 1 & 2
5.- Songs in The Key of Life - Steavie Wonder
6.- Captain Fantastic - Elton John
7.- Brothers in arms - Dire Stray
8.- The Wall - Pink Floyd
9.- Here at Last - Bee Gees
10.- Gratitude - Esrth, Wind and Fire 
11.- Commodores Live
12.- Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
13.- The White Album - The Beatles
wow it is really very difficult 
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1- John Martyn -Solid Air
2- Coltrane- Ole’
3- Sly Stone -Fresh
4- Miles- Bitches Brew
5- Dylan- John Wesley Harding
It occured to me that I am going to be very depressed with only five albums to choose from so I am revising my list accordingly:

Beck "Sea Change" MFSL LP
Aimee Mann "Lost in Space" MFSL LP
Radiohead "OK Computer" British Import LP
Sinatra "Only the Lonely" MFSL LP
Gary Karr "Adagio d'Albinoni" Firebird Super Analogue Disc
Bonus Hidden Under My Shirt: Nick Drake "Pink Moon" Universal Reissue LP

Only 5? Wow - that's tough!
Talking Vinyl LPs:
1. (As per wife) MFSL Original Master Recording - Neil Diamond "Hot August Night" Live at the Greek
2. MFSL Original Master Recording - Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"
3. MFSL Original Master Recording - Al Stewart "Year of the Cat"
4. Original A&M Records - Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass "Whipped Cream & Other Delights"
5. A toss up between Reference Recordings - Tafelmusik "Popular Masterworks of Baroque" and Don Williams "Cafe Carolina"