If you could only keep 5 Lp vinyl which ones

If you could only keep 5 Lp vinyl from your record collection which ones would you keep? and why

I'm seeing a few selling there vinyl collection claiming some 6000 lp in there collection, I think it would be interesting if they were to keep a few favorites, which ones would they be.
any catagory
* Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East
* Abby Road by The Beatles
* Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan
* Sunday at the Village Vanguard by Bill Evans
* Beethoven "Kreutzer" Sonata by Jascha Heifetz w/Brooks Smith
* Allman Brothers Live at the fillmore East
* Yes close to the edge
* Simon and Garfunkle Bookends
* Chicago Transit Authority
* The Beatles Revolver
* David Bowie Let's Dance (guilty pleasure)sub for any of the above
Shelby Lynne - Just a Little Lovin'

The Beatles - Abbey Road

Nirvana - Nevermind

The Police - Synchronicity

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Much harder to pick 5 than 10
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1). This Mortal Coil "BLOOD"
4). Camel "THE SNOW GOOSE"
5). Joni Mitchell "COURT & SPARK"
5 is tough after all these years.
Anyway at the moment:

Abbey Road
Dark Side Of The Moon
In Rainbows
Hero and Heroine
Thick As A Brick

Subject to change in a few minutes....
elliott murphy-aquashow
the cryan'shames-a scratch in the sky
the steve miller band-brave new world
the fugs-it crawled into my hand, honest
richard lloyd-field of fire

in five seconds this will change.
Elizabeth, after your well worded rant, now you have to play. I want to know your 5 of 6000, that's the fun in the game. Since you have 6000 records, we will even let you take 6!
The Best of Tiny Tim
The Best of The Archies
The Best of Zamphir
The Best of Slim Whitman
The Best of Boxcar Willie

Of course I'd give them all up for any recording by the fabulous "Japanese Songbird" Yoko Ono.
Diana Krall, Live in Paris, ORG, 180g
Led Zeppelin II, RL cut
Hank Mobley, Roll Call, MusicMattersJazz
Johnny Cash, American V: A Hundred Highways
Paul McCartney, Band On The Run, EMI 100th

Tpreaves grabbed all my favorites so I'll have to go with the second choices although like Elizabeth I'd have to keep all of some musicians(Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Van the Man, Miles, Keith Jarrett, Bruce, etc, etc...

Van Morrison- Astral Weeks
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
Neil Young- After the Gold Rush
Richard Thompson- Live(More or Less)
Bob Dylan- Bringing It All Back Home
Pink Floyd DSOTM
Amused to Death/Roger Water
Sister Drum
Astral weeks
If I could only remember my name/Crosby
Kind of Blue
Walkin/ Miles Davis
Brilliant Corners/ Thelonious Monk
Michel Portal /Turbulance
Famous Blue Raincoat
Purcell O Solitude /Deller Consort
Pergolesi/ Stabat Mater SXL 6153
La Fille Mal gardee/ SXL 2313
Based upon current listening habits:
1. Ornette Coleman: Ornette!
2. Coltrane: A Love Supreme
3. The Doors: Strange Days
4. Donald Fagen: The Nightfly
5. Pretenders: Learning to Crawl
1 thru 3 - Bach Cello Suites; Janos Starker; Mercury
4 - Malcolm Frager Plays Chopiin; Telarc
5 - Bach: 3 Sonata for Viola Da Gamba & Cembalo; Cervera & Puyan; Philips
Ricki Lee Jones Pop Pop
Stones Some Girls
Police Outlandous D'Amour
Pink Floyd Dark Side
Stevie Wonder Songs in the key of Life
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John Hiatt - Bring the Family
Dire Straits - either Debut album or Communique
Beatles - Abby Road
Van Morrison - Poetic Champions Compose
Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
Okay, how about:

ELO - Out of the Blue
Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall
Radiohead - OK Computer
The Beatles - Abby Road
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Nirvana - Unplugged in New York....

crap, that's six not five...
Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley
Steve McQueen - Prefab Sprout
Dire Straits - Dire Straits
Soul Mining - The The
Sea Change - Beck
And for me,

Dave Grusin -Mountain Dance
Pink Floyd-Dark Side of The Moon
Ferde Grofe -Grand Canyon Suite
Supertramp-Crime of The Century
Rimsky Korsakov-Scheherazade

One more...George Gershwin -Rhapsody in Blue/American in Paris
Miles Davis-Bitches Brew
Miles Davis-Pangaea
Mahavishnu Orchestra-Inner Mounting Flame
Al Di Meola-Cielo e Terra
El Camaron/Paco de Lucia-Castillo de Arena
Again I am afraid I will only play this game if box sets count as 1 choice, sorry.

Puccini La Boheme/ Beecham/De Los Angeles/ Bjorling
Richard Strauss Der Rosenkavalier/Karajan/Scwarzkopf
Bach Cello Suites Janos Starker
Blue Joni Mitchel
Ella Fitzgerald sings the Gershwin song book, any of the LPs in the series
David Gilmour Live at Gdnask (get 5 disks with most the key floyd hit, kinda cheatin')
Allman Brothers-- Filmore
Buckingham and Nicks
Dan Fogleberg--Phoenix

I then would have to go to a friends house to hear his 5 and so on,
Steely Dan-Aja
Eagles-Hotel California
Beatles-White Album
Radney Foster-1959
Crosby Still Nash & Young-4 Way Street

If I had to say why you would never understand
69 Love Songs, Exile on Main Street, Another Green World, Abby Road and Kinda Blue
The Beatles - Abbey Road; Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon; Muddy Waters - Folk Singer; Dave Brubeck - Take Five; Frank Sinatra - Sinatra at the Sands
None. After listening to them over and over I would begin to dislike them. Best to have all or none.
1. Velvet Underground -- Loaded
2. Charles Mingus -- The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
3. Bob Marley & the Wailers -- Catch a Fire
4. Bob Dylan -- Biograph (not sure if this is cheating)
5. Rolling Stones -- Beggars Banquet
White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights (live)
The Pixies - Death to the Pixies (live)
The Birthday Party - It's still Living (live)
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Damage

Sneaking in... (I'm sure you said seven?)

Nirvana - Nevermind
* Best of the Brady Bunch
* Partridge Family -- Greatest Hits
* Alan Sherman -- My Son the Nut
* The Brindski Family -- Let's All Polka
* Kukla, Fran, & Ollie -- Let's Be Friends
Okay, so this time for real.....

* Sonny Rollins -- Way Out West
* Cat Stevens -- Teaser and Firecat
* Grateful Dead -- American Beauty
* Duke Ellington -- Live at Newport
* The Allman Brothers Band -- Live at Filmore East
*Grateful Dead---Working Man's Dead
*Ry Cooder---Paradise and Lunch
*Nitty Gritty Dirt Band---Dirt, Silver and Gold(3 LPs-not fair)
*Talking Heads---Little Creatures
*Rush---Moving Pictures

Also agree with Thick As a Brick provided it's the original Reprise. I will always buy a clean one of these when I find it. Don't care if I end up with ten.
I only have 3,000 LPs so my task is MUCH easier than Elizabeth's. While jazz is my overall favorite category, I must choose for variety. And that means samplings from several styles:

*Miles -- Kind of Blue (this would be #1 no matter how many I got to choose)
*Brubeck Quartet -- Carnegie Hall Concert (includes hits from Time Out plus more variety)
*NGDB -- Will The Circle Be Unbroken
*Beethoven Nine Symphonies -- von Karajan/BPO (1962 recording, hey, the records came in one album box!)
*Beatles -- Sgt. Pepper (or Rubber Soul or Revolver)

Now, where are Monk, and Mingus, and Bach, and Coltrane, and Zappa, and Talking Heads, and Mozart, and Simon, and KD Lang, and Satchmo, and Dolly, and, and, and?
WOW, lots of good album here that i haven't put on in years. I will put some on this weekend. My collection is somewhat small approx. 2000 LP's
Jazz is really my thing so here it goes:

Miles (Kind of Blue)
Duke Ellington (Jazz Party in Stereo)
Patricia Barber (Cafe Blue 45rpm)
Billie Holiday (Lady in Satin) Not recommended if you are on suicide watch.
John Coltrane (Blue Train)
And for the non Jazz in me:
Alyson Krauss (Forget about it)

Beatles: Abbey Road
Allman Bros: Live at The Fillmore
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
Joni Mitchell: Blue
Jeff Beck: Guitar Shop (groove on the cool album cover while listening to the music)
Well Inna, before JC created LS there was KOB. But hey, I could have easily said 5 copies of Blue Trane and been just as happy with that. I'm easy :)

Happy holidays to all!
1: Supertramp, Crime of the Century.
2: Supertramp, Paris.
3: Heart, Greatest Hits.
4: Fleetwood Mac, Rumors.
5: Chicago, IX.