If you could have 2 turntables...

I have a P25/RB600-incognito/Grado Sonata that I am very happy with. I recently A/B'ed my table versus a SOTA Sapphire - which I also liked. The two tables were both musically engaging but had different presentations. I liked them both. It got me thinking about adding a second, differently designed, turntable to my system.

If you were me, what tables/arms would you consider?

How many of you out there have more than 1 table? (if so, what are they?)
I have been known to like and promote the Teres turntables. I would recommend one of the 245 or 255 series.
It all depends on how much $$$ you want to budget.

At one time I owned three turntables but I'm down to two now. I had a systemDek IIx with stock arm and Shure V15 cartridge in my office at one time, sold it off when I changed companies. I'm a fan of Oracle turntables so I own two of them. In my main system I have a Delphi Mark IV with a SME345 arm and Grado Sonata cartidge, phono preamp is a Lehmann Black Cube. In my office system I have an Oracle Alexandria with MMT arm and Grado Platinum cartridge, phono preamp is part of my Classe Thirty unit.

My boss has a tweaked Sota Sapphire, he heard my 'tables and is buying an Oracle as we speak.
Like Twl, who likes to suggest Teres (a fine choice), I generally suggest Nottingham. One thing to consider is a Spacedeck with an extra arm pod to allow for two separate arms and pickups. Can be cheaper in the long run than a second table, and still allow for different sound.
Yes the trese with the Origin live silver arm and a shelter 501 just like TWL, or an Origin live Aurora with the silver arm and a shelter 501 like me. These 2 will kill almost anything out there. You will not believe how much sound is in the grooves.WOW!!!
A Rockport and a Versa Dynamics would be a good start.
Marty has the right idea. Throw in a Walker too, while you're at it.
I would try one of the Teres tables because I am so curious after reading Twyl's (and others')many positive reports. (i'm using an aries now, very happily)
One should be an Oracle Premier Limited Edition in black and gold -- my favorite looking turntable of all time.
For a very nice musical sound that is differant fromthe p-25 I would go with a LINN
I have the music hall MMF-7 with Grado Referance platnum and would love a LINN also
I have a Rockport Capella and a Versa Dynamics 2.3, the latter modified by Bear labs. They're different, one is not better than the other (either is better than anything else I've owned, including Basis Debut Vacuum, SME 30/2 (probably because I prefer a linear tracking arm), VPI TNT, Verdier . The Bear lab modifications really improved the stability of the Versa isolation system, and made it look far more elegant as well (there's a picture on the Bear Labs website)--I am a customer, and have no affiliation with Bear Labs or Rockport (the Capella is also great, and doesn't suffer from any of the speed irregularity described by M. Fremer in Stereophile. In fact, his description of it is dead wrong--the motor is attached to the subchassis, and always keeps its position relative to the spindle, it is not attached to the base, as he claims)