If you could go to one Audio Fest this year, which one would it be?

Hi folks, 

Question for the more experienced and well-travelled out there: if you could choose one audiofest to recommend to a new audio enthusiast which one would it be? Given the pandemic and travel precautions, it probably won't be possible to attend as freely as one would like. I've heard good things about Rocky Mountain Audio Festival and was considering attending this year. But I'd be glad to hear from those of you who've been on the audiofest circuit; what are your thoughts? Which one is the most fun?  
I enjoyed watching the videos of some of the discussions they posted, particularly the one with Steve Gutenberg and Herb Reichert in 2019. If traveling isn’t still fraught with peril this fall I hope to attend RMAF too.
The dates of these events are all so crammed together this year since nobody could plan one before about August. So the main choices are :

Pacific Audio Fest 7/30-8/2 Seattle-New this year but is gonna happen.
I am going for sure. 80 exhibitors.

HiEnd Munich Sept Early- I think doubtful as Germany is way behind the US in Vaccinations. Will be either postponed or cancelled or not worth going to this year.

RMAF -Early October. Denver- Will likely happen. I will go. Hope for a big turnout.

Axpona is DOA from what I hear. They failed to refund exhibitor deposits
in 2020 hence some bad blood. I will not go. Heard they are not returning and will be absorbed.

Shows are fun. Come to the IAS booth in Seattle and join.

chorus, where did you hear the info on AXPONA?  They had rescheduled for August, but got the “opportunity” to move to the end of October, so to improve the odds they rescheduled (again).  My ticket from last year is still good, but have no idea about exhibitors fees.  Too early to have an exhibitors list, but I would think some may not attend because of COVID.  International travel restrictions could still be an issue if a new COVID variant becomes dominant.  The main concern would be RMAF being too close on the calendar, it’s three weeks before.  I would suspect one, or both, will be much smaller this year. The long term fallout won’t be known till next year, assuming COVID goes away ...