If you could buy any system, regardless of price, what would it be?

After 49 years, I have a system that I fully enjoy... well almost fully. The magazines continue to review and feature components beyond the reach of most. It does give most of us the opportunity to dream. And it, somewhat, gives an idea of what might be possible in the stratosphere. It did get waaay carried away when I read about “the world’s most expensive speakers. A pair of what appeared to be two way solid 24 carat gold monitors for $5,000,000!!
My own aesthetic is in the Craftsman tradition where natural materials and human skill being more important than the commodity prices of the components.

Creating things of beauty from human hands and nature.

I have to say that it has been a very long time since I heard a megaspeaker in the > $200,000 price range that justified itself to my ears.
I can't say for 100% certain, but I'm thinking Oswald Mills speakers and Audio Note electronics. I'm sure that I would be very pleased with a number of other systems.
Without question, the mbl Master Reference System.

I had the unique opportunity to hear this system in a custom room that was designed specifically for this gear.

I've heard A LOT of systems in my life and I will never forget this one.  ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!  (Given the price it should have been, but still...)
Some years ago I was enjoying a beer with a regular who wanted to talk stereo. I had just bought something and told him about my system. My actual system. He listed off a bunch of gear he had in his. How’s it sound, I asked?

Oh, I don’t know, I only built it on paper.

What is with guys who think this is any way to talk?

Okay. Whatever. My system would be the Enterprise Holodeck. In fact, go ahead and make it the entire Starship Enterprise.

What did I win?
ok so i will pull a millercarbon here...

click my username and look at the system/gear

there’s your answer op... :)

actually, not quite, there are about 5 systems’ worth of gear there... but you get the idea...

affordability of gear isn’t at issue... building the new house with the properly spec’d music room was many many many times more than the sum total cost of all the gear
If I had all the money to spend on gear, but NOT all the money to spend on a house....

I'd go for something small.
I think a lot of audiophiles will get extremely anxious if they had to pick the one system they cannot change forever.
Probably this one:


Simply put, both systems were exceptional in every way, definitely humbling my own $50k system.
’almost’ fully enjoy’. stop reading!

once you reach a certain level, as you have, and I have as well, I buy more music, try new genres,

Add some format you don’t have, i.e. Reel to Reel; LP

Add a function/feature you don’t have,

I will probably change my tube amp to provide safe easy external bias adjustment.

i.e. I was DONE, now, not too long after, I will probably squeeze a 3rd tonearm onto my TT plinth to re-install MM replaceable stylus so I can reduce the hours on my MC when playing/testing old LPs after cleaning, playing fun but not spectacularly recorded content, new or old.
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That is a mean nasty question and only someone who is described with a word ending in 'path would ask it.  Just kidding, but I am sure every long term music lover here knows what I mean.  ElliotB has the right idea, buy music!  I would play LPs on the turntable of my microwave if the sound was as good as my main system.  Never lose sight of the fact that he only thing that really matters is the music.
I'd go for Genelec 1036A monitors, 1/4 inch Studer 2 track and all of Led Zep's master tapes. 
NOS Philips 22AR 470
I’m thinking Legacy Valor with internal amps for bass and Air Tight 3211’s for amps along with an Air Tight pre and phono. DAC to be determined. Artisan Fidelity table as long as the performance matches the looks and price tag. Whatever high end cart best paired with the best arm AF uses. Maybe that ultra high end Grado reviewers were raving about.

Or an Avant Garde ultimate horn system with bass bins and the same AT and AF gear.

Or the MBL system of course with MBL amps or an MBL/Air Tight combo if they can be bi-amped.

Add a Studer A820 1/4 inch with the meter bridge and a Technics RS 1500 both with custom veneered panels to match the speakers if applicable. 
All new YG Acoustics Vantage Speakers
 Rega Osiris Integrated Amp
 Audio Note CD Player
 All new Silversmith Audio FIDELIUM cables
I will make a list asap.
I must say, after years of trading this, upgrading that, I'm pretty much "done" with purchasing new equipment.  I've got a system that has great synergy among the components.
Probably the closest to the truth is that us audiophiles would never be satisfied with any system... or would we?
Think that is another thread!
I’m missing one key piece and I’m set. I need more juice! The McIntosh MC2KW 2000 watt mono block will do it. I’ll take two please!
Current system:

Piega C10 LTD’s
McIntosh 402 amp
McIntosh C2200 pre
Luxman PD444 TT
Victor TT101
6 vintage tonearms and 15 vintage carts.

I know what else I need. A phono pre that Fremer uses!

Austin acoustic system and their speakers $750k but the sound it’s worth more than 1 million at least