If you bought a Linn Karik that arrived DOA..

What are a sellers obligations to the buyer - esp. if he is an Authorized Linn Dealer?

Hello everybody, I need some advice. I recently bought a Karik III from a overseas Authorized Linn dealer(I am not naming names - yet). It was well packed and in perfect cosmetic shape - but was D.O.A. (dead on arrival). It would power up but would not play a CD - period. I believe the dealer when he says that the unit did work when it was sent out. However it turns out that the old style B.P.Supply was on the verge of dying when it was shipped and by the time it arrived it was toast. (I never even got a taste of the Karik's beloved sounds) Initially the dealer and I assumed that it may have been damaged during shipping - however upon inspection by a Linn service centre it turns out that that was not the case - it was simply a faulty or worn out power supply. It is not under warranty from Linn as it is a '96 model. It will cost 240$ to fix plus roughly 50$ for shipping. The *Authorized Linn Dealer* has offered me 75bucks, period. - and left it to me to cough up the remaining 225-250$ if I want it fixed. There is the possibility that a Post Insurance claim that the dealer is pursuing may come through - but this is unlikely in my opinion - especially when you consider the fact that it is not even a legitimate claim.
My question: Does the *Authorized Linn Dealer* have any responsibility to me or am I simply screwed - ** despite the fact that the Dealer gave me his WORD that the Karik was in PERFECT shape before I bought the unit?**

Finally, I have asked the Linn Dealer to pay 140$ and I will pay the rest. That would be his cost to repair the unit if it was still on his shelf. The remaining 130-150$ is the additional expense for shipping and for carring out the service from where I am located.
If you didn't send it for service yet, please chill out.

In most cases you should face that either you should send it back overseas for warranty service or just count on unexpected situations like yours.

Just recently, I was surfing through the web in order to find someone that can repair all brands of equipment and came up with very solution for you in particular:

Call (631)751-1803 and you will find out unbelievably cheap prices to fix your equipment. Their usual fee is $78 labor+parts meaning that if you can get $140 from your *Authorized Dealer* you'll be all even or even having extra left.

All their work+parts have a 6mos limited warranty to a physical damage and wreckless maintainence.
This is tough. Probably the best you can hope for is good faith. It does seem hard to hear that a unit is in perfect shape ( read : " for its age, " ) and then discover it is pushing up the daisies.

At least the dealer is offering some settlement. If he never guaranteed the unit would not be D.O.A, you would not have much to stand on in small claims court. If he knew the PS was dead when he sent it, that would be next to impossible to prove. And only if the dealer were in the same country might there be any point in trying; international settlements are a nightmare even when evidence is clear. And of course the dealer knows all that.

Linn Products themselves would surely not intervene in a case of this kind. At best they might be concerned if their warranty policy was at issue.

I think you have done the best you can in asking for better compensation from the dealer. I hope you get it. If not, I am afraid your only choice is to honour your anger if not the &%#$@ who provoked it, get your Karik fixed while screaming with pain and see if you can ultimately enjoy the music. May I say you seem to have handled things pretty well so far.
IMO it would be difficult for the previous owner to know in advance of sale & shipment that said PS was on the verge of dying... Even if it were, I'm not sure why & how the shipping would have delivered it its last straw... I have KICKED a Karik, and it still worked (pls don't do this!). Can the Linn people give you the latest spec PS, at least? I remember my "Linn authorised dealer", came to change my Karik/Numeric for a minimal charge around '99 so I could have the new PS... Whatever.
If your proposal doesn't work and since it seems you have a reasonably good rapport w/ the dealer, can't HE source you a PS for better than $240+50-75 and send the darn thing over? I mean, assuming he delivered your Karik in good faith, "none of two of you are at fault", etc, maybe he can help you out on this one -- you're a CUSTOMER, for pete's sake!!
(The PS is a little box, not difficult to ship or install...).
Worst case scenario: mail Linn exports & info in the UK, directly. Indeed, do this RIGHT NOW anyway.
Best of luck, the Karik is a nice machine!
Unfortunate, and you're being very fair in being willing to settle for $140, but if all you get is $75 I think you just have to write it off to experience and the occassional lump you take buying used. You still save a lot of money over the long haul, and the hole in your stomach from getting too worked up about it isn't worth it. -Kirk
so if a read here correctly, the unit never worked from the moment you received it? why should you then be out of pocket for anything. Unless you bought the thing for next to nothing AS-IS, i believe you have a right to a working piece. If the thing played 1 track and then sputtered out, then yeah, Id say you had some bad luck. If it NEVER played, I think the dealer should either take it back or cover the repair costs, his choice.