If you are interested..........?

In building a fun system that will surprise.


Room: 21 x 14  Speakers along 14 wall. (Preferably not open....4 walls.

Speakers: Mirage Omni 60's

Power: NAD 7020 Receiver......or 3020 Integrated.

Bluetooth a Arcam Rblink into power but run a Suca Audio Tube preamp between NAD"s pre and main in...

Use an Ipad mini ( images perfectly) into Arcam.

Envelopimg dimensional and non fatiguing.

Incredible low volume listening.


Do you have a picture of that setup? Optimizing low volume listening I think is an interesting topic. 

And remember sounds good at other than low listening.....


But at low levels.....it's all there!

Looks good but try with the speakers another foot out with a little toe-in. 

I have tried my speakers disappear now...

Towing in draws attention. 

The Omnis like to be a little closer to wall further out lessens the reflections....

My sound is 360 with vaulted celings to.

When I pump thru Marantz HT and play Multi Channel and toggle between Stereo the 60s do such a good job in my setup you can hardly tell the difference.

Thanks for the advice I always play all my.setup options including Master Placememt setup l.


I play my PSB 300s and Mirage Bipilars 590is 3 feet out and 4 from sidewalls.....

Splendid right there......