If still at entry level turntable would a new amp make much difference?

I have been researching amplifiers online for months now.But truth is, it would make no sense to upgrade my amp if am still running an entry level turntable, correct?I think it would probably just leave me wanting the next upgrade (the table) because the improvements might not be much.I do still listen to the other discs but my now ancient modded Music Hall 25 is still working fine and sounds decent.I am mostly listening to vinyl though.

I purchased some speakers here last year and they have dips to 4 ohms but are 8 ohm rated.So have wanted to try a new amp due to my existing one not having the cleanest 4 ohm signal according to the old review.
(Onkyo A-9555)  Any insight appreciated.

I saw a Musical Fidelity M6si for sale and a friend said for that kind of money, you want something next level and that isn't it.  But it looks nice.  What do you think "next level" means? (He is a tube guy)
 How much did you want to spend on upgrading.What speakers are you driving also tt and cartridge. Do you see other upgrades in the future. If you spin mostly vinyl you mabe better served upgrading your cartridge.
Get a better phono cartridge! It all starts at the source! I recommend a low-output mc type (Hana SL). Then a phono stage upgrade.
I have a budget of around $2k used and slightly more if new. I have found plenty of options in the $1k-2k$ range just concerned about over-reaching. I have a Uturn Orbit with a Grado Black. It can only go up to a Ortofon 2m red I believe. But I don’t mind the Grado at all it seems quite smooth and the table itself is surprisingly forgiving of some used vinyl I picked up a couple months ago. I had even thought maybe just get a phono-pre instead would be better.

The speakers are Nestorovic Type 5AS Mk III (91db) full range floor standing. They are very detailed but natural and holographic. The other users I have found drive them with up to 150 wpc solid (or tubes around 100 wpc) but one post somewhere said 200 wpc (or more) would be better due to the impedance dips and bass suspension system.

Pioneer PLX1000 + Hana EL mc cartridge ($700 + $500 = $1200). This would be a formidably excellent sounding combination! I have this TT in use right now with a Denon 103R. Why pay more?
If you want a killer amp for your Nestorovic's there is a Perreaux 2150B right now on EBAY for $450 + $80 shipping. Auction ending in 2 + days - and no bids yet! I bought one to use with my restored DQ10's. 200wpc/8ohms, 400wpc/4ohms. Clipping at 300+ and 500+ watts, respectively! Sound quality equal to any uber-expensive amp!
Upgrade your front end source components first eg turntable, tonearm, cartridge, phonostage pre. This is where the signal starts.
Thanks all for responding.  I will wait to upgrade front-end  / source before going with a new amplifier.
After a quick skim-read of a few reviews, it looks like your tt can come with a 2m blue as one of the options straight from the factory. Not being able to adjust VTA may affect compatibility with certain cartridges, and it looks like even the 2m red or blue you may need to sort something with the counterweight.

I'd say the 2m blue would be a great way to see what kind of improvements you can get from your current table, without being overkill in terms of matching with your other gear. 

In my experience, one of the most important things to have a think about is the relationship between the speakers and your room. Then you need a well matched amp to drive them. The speaker/amp combo can only reproduce what they are fed, so obviously the source is hugely important in terms of what the whole system is going to sound like - what kind of sound are you looking for? Detail? Warmth? 

Your speakers have reasonably high sensitivity so you could try a tube amp, I read the stereophile review of your Onkyo which says it has a decent phono stage and sounds a bit "tube like", but there's nothing quite like an actual tube amp... primaluna amps are worth a look, lots of good reviews and won't break the bank. 
Those Nestovoriic's are very capable. The Onkyo isn't giving you a clue of their potential. Whether tube or ss, amp upgrade will make a big difference. Your paring is like Pirelli racing tires on a skateboard.
 Tube route generally costs more $/watt, but with reasonable 91db rating you don't need a ton of power. Tube amps with 4ohm taps should be well able to do the job. Used tube amps often have simple circuits, so you can think of new tubes almost as an amp upgrade; a good amount of what you hear will be tube- dependent. Push pull topology with common & available tubes(e.g. EL34, KT88) are a smart choice. Music Reference and Rogue amps are good options.
If you prefer ss, Nelson Pass's First Watt value brand and Odyssey are both worthy contenders.
You could do that and still upgrade cart for $2k total. Hang on to old cart and sell it with the table when you eventually upgrade that. 
This route will at least let you hear what the table is capable of before you make a change.