If someone looked through you music (records, CDs, etc.) what would surprise them?

This actually was a bit of a happening with a friend.  In looking though my...special pressings, gold Cds, SACDs, and other esoteric "software sources" he was surprised at the Rosie Clooney ones.   In her later life she did some CDs of "standards" and she nailed 'em. 

Holy crap ,you have a lot of stuff....you still listen to this ? Why ?
Probably the odd mix of music, CCR, Death SS, Kreator, Celtic frost, Pat travers, mr. Big, Yakuza, trust, forbidden, Clarence brown, Johnny winter, b b king, humble pie, venom, Jenny Darren, Melanie, bathory, the accused, the Beatles, frank marino, the temptations, wishbone ash, napalm death, riot, John Denver, Rob dylan, exciter, dead horse, queensryche, status quo, Elvis, beach boys, grand funk railroad, Samson, American dog, and 400 more bands.
  I love a good variety of tunes, during different times of the day, or my mood , also, we entertain family on weekends many times, so we play the:doors, Rob seger, the stones, killing joke, all kinds of stuff, and once in a while I’ll put on a song by zoetrope, or hear, just to mix it up a bit. 
   We have a large variety of music, and try to get to listen to a lot every month, when we have downtime, but there’s always something to do.cut grass, trim shrubs, change oil on lawnmower, cars n truck,  so when I hit the couch, I like my system nice and toasty when I sit with a dram or a frothy hefe-Weiss. 

Surprised by the breadth and depth of blues and jazz owned by a white kid from “Mud Spot”, Wyoming.  My jazz director was from Vegas and played the big hotel casinos when that was the thing.  What a blessing.