If some is good, is more better?

Good afternoon!  I’m definitely in the “too much is barely enough” camp.  I need to clean all the contacts in my system and have been researching both the Kontak - ECO3x contact cleaner as well as the DeoxIT Gold Gx3 cleaner.  Would there be any benefit to using both products?  If so, in what order would you use them to gain the maximum benefit?  Any advice is most appreciated!  Thanks!

You will get advice, and boy will you get advice. But the only way to know for sure is try it yourself and find out.

Other than that let me congratulate you for cleaning them at all. Most never clean. Then when they change cables they notice it sounds better. Well let things get bad enough even disconnecting/connecting will improve the connection, and that is where a lot of people are.

There might be one or two who have actually cleaned and then compared different products side by side on an even playing field. Most everyone else tries something, its better, they recommend it to everyone. When in reality if things haven’t been cleaned in anything more than a few months then you could get an obvious improvement even from just wiping with a clean cloth and alcohol.

So my suggestion would be, if you really want to try and find out what works better, start by cleaning everything with a clean cotton cloth and alcohol. Let that be your baseline. Otherwise if your baseline is dirty contacts then anything you do is going to sound better, and you are going to be misled into thinking it was the product when really it was just a clean cloth and elbow grease.
Copper Brite! Nothing fancier needed!
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If some is good, is more better?

    Definitely not for X-Lax or any other stool softener.

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Thanks for the advice everybody!  Good recommendations all.  Millercarbon, I like your approach and appreciate your input!  I will definitely make comparisons as you suggest.  Thanks again!