If she isn't into the gear, is she into the music?

Are you with someone who enjoys music? Would this be a quality in a partner that is or has been important to you? It just seems there are few couples I know who are both into music later in life. I just can't imagine how it would be to here, "Ok, can you turn it off now? My show is on."
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I have a relationship with gal once got olympic Gold Medal in TaekWonDo sparing tournaments. After a while she left the big sport and got into music quite deep to the level of enjoying jazz, jazz-rock, classical and new wave. Often after listening music in car she'd always want to play same home on my system for better sound. She's got great hearing for music as well.
I helped her establish dojo and she helps me with my music media store.
The quality you seek in a partner is that she respects the
things you enjoy, whether or not she personally likes them. When
the home gets unpleasant, you find yourself home less and less.
When you're listening to the hifi, she knows where you are -
home and out of trouble.
Oh, I'm so lucky. She's played (violin) in classical orchestras and not only does she like listening, she has a better ears than I do. But, alas, not technical (at all).
Most women I know today could careless about gear and even music.. well, maybe a little music to provide a little background noise. Most women today are into/on their phones day and night. They seem to enjoy talking and texting over music.
"Ok, can you turn it off now? My show is on."

You rememdy that by not ever allowing a TV in your listening room. I am a problem solver........

My wife likes music but could care less about audio gear. She likes it easy to use and not too loud.

I am having success getting her to listen to a wider variety of music in my music library these days than ever in the past by displaying my music library and currently playing information on the big screen HD TV in my family room using PLEX app on Amazon FIre TV feeding into my two channel A/V system. Its much like the format used by the music channels she likes on our cable TV feed. SHe has no interest in my audio system otherwise other than knowing that I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
Regrettably not. Her only interest seems to be tantric sex.
Go out for dinner and a show
"Regrettably not. Her only interest seems to be tantric sex."

LMAO! I hope for your sake it's true, not just a riff.
My wife wouldn't choose to have any of my gear, but does appreciate the sound. She enjoys listening as long as I keep the volume down and she can reach, stitch, or play on the iPad. The system is in parallel with the home entertainment setup because we have a small house and no extra rooms. Our "office" is a box in the coat closet and a MacBook. No listening room for me.
I wasn't permitted to buy a new disc unit until she could hear an improvement over what I already had. When the primary turntable needed some TLC, the caveat was to "do it once and do it right."

Now when the subject comes up, she goes on about how the ultrasonic cleaner (my latest investment, and worthwhile too) made even her old LPs from college tolerable again. Going on, she'll add (get this) they're not quite at the level needed for the high end table - the cleaner can't fix damage, just dirt. They're fine on the old semi-auto Pioneer, though.

Then we come to the material. DiMeola. Zappa. Zappa. Clarke. Bruford. Palmer. Ponty. Metheny. Corea. Yes. Gabriel. Floyd. King Crimson. Gentle Giant. Utopia. Belew. Levin. Rundgren. Eno. St. Vincent. Mclaughlin. Byrne. Beethoven. Holst. Wagner. Strauss. Mozart. Getz. Benson. Klugh. Coryell. Davis. Rich. Herman. James. Goodman. Dorsey. Miller. And more.

We met because of a car. At Watkins Glen. And got married there. And we're still gear heads in more than one way 28 years later. Ferrari, Maserati, Healey, Lotus, Simca, SAAB, Allard, Lancia, Porsche, Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Mustang, Corvette, Challenger, SVO, SRT, AMG, Andial, Alpina, Abarth, Matra, Hesketh, Shadow, Lola, March, Minardi, Arrows, TWR, Wolff, WRC, F1, WEC. And more.
I had a GF into music, she loved live performances and such. Sadly the relationship ended after 2 years.
I guess I'm luckier than some--I had my system as a permanent fixture and in my own house before I brought my wife in, so she accepts this is the way I am, and that music listening is my pastime. She does like a lot of my music, or so she sez. But yeah, she is mostly concerned with social media and talking to friends, while I sit and groove--way down deep, more like a meditation. I enjoy an inner experience, whereas she is more outwardly oriented. I like that tantric idea, though.......
Lose anyone who gives you any hassle initially, will only get worse.
End of story.
Their also into oreos, chips and dip, ice cream, anything chocolate, any ole white wine, etc.
Whow thats wonderful.
Lose anyone who gives you any hassle initially, will only get worse.
End of story.

Agreed! :D
It's just a riff.......sorry.