If Rowland made PC cases.....

Actually I dont think I have ever seen a Rowland amp in the flesh, but I am told the casework is gorgeous.

Further to PC audio, can anyone recommend suppliers for cases and components in order to build a media center PC that would look at home in any ultra high end system?

Would you recommend a tower configuration? Or horizontal "home theatre PC" configuration?
One idea: you can buy replacement metal work from Rowland for their various amps and such - some of them might be suitable for building into the front of a PC case... ? Very nice metal work, btw. I have a model 10 and the case and all the details are quite well done - without peer in their niche of what they do.


they'd likely look something like power mac G5's, though not as elegant.
HushPC is the closest I've seen, though I haven't seen one in person. Not cheap, but nothing of quality ever is.
Have a look there : http://www.soundstagelive.com/factorytours/jeffrowland/

VertecTool is the manufacturer of the gorgeous JRDG's cases


they look like dvd players to me, and I would rather not have an obviously branded case.

Hushpc - does that rhyme with cheap shoes from elementary school?

But they do appear to be well made and very heavy so thanks for the idea.

Here are some decent looking cases:



vertectool's site appears to be under construction, but yes, if anyone knows a good fabricator, that would also be of interest.
There are a whole range of companies that make media PC cases... Try googling Ahanix, Antec. These puppies typically aren't cheap, but do offer a good range of in/out options and--most importantly--are typically configured to be *very* quiet...

My favorite tho', is the pre-made Niveus Denalis...

Here's a link to some I just pulled up--can't vouch for the vendor, but there are some pics:

Hmm... The Ahanix link there didn't work. Take a look at this:


The Silverstone cases look pretty nice too.
In addition to the case being attractive amongst your equipment, if that is where you will place it, sooner or later your most important consideration will become noise from the various fans in virtually any self-assembled PC.
In order to have a very quiet case, my experience ultimately led me to look for something with large case fans that can rotate at low speeds. I have given up the looks of two Silverstone cases (and they can be very good looking even amongst Levinson equipment) to go to a tower with 120 mm fans with speed controls. The case I selected was a Tsunami, looking somewhat like the vertical Theta power amps, but without the machined surfaces. Available in both black and silver.
I agree with pc noise being a problem in the home audio setup, which is why I like this site:


They have a totally silent machine that cools with no moving parts in a soundproof case, nice! It kinda looks like a tower amp on wheels:

Not sure if you've already chosen a case, but I just saw this review up on Tomshardware

Guys, check out www.hifiatx.com

That's case that's truly at home with the rest of your hifi gear.
Anyone move on a case lately? I'm currently looking around.

I have the waveterminal and an outboard DAC. Worked well with just a regular pc (mac).

I'm thinking about Media Center OS (which comes with a remote), and a desktop-style pc with internal hd.

When I was thinking HTPC, I stared long and hard at the A-Tech cases--http://www.atechfabrication.com--especially the Heatsink 6000. No fans, nice and quiet.

I decided I didn't want to really do video, tho', so instead I bought a little Serener headless PC-- http://www.logicsupply.com/product_info.php/cPath/49/products_id/372. Its fanless, and the spinpoint drives are dead silent. I've got it hooked up to my Waveterminal and it pulls audio files off my terastation. Since there is no monitor/mouse/keyboard, I use a Viewsonic Airpanel--a 10" touchscreen--to run a remote terminal session. Works great--I can sit on my couch and have touchscreen access to all my collection...
That is a great solution you've got.

It got me wondering about if I could use my Treo 650 phone and bluetooth as a remote, and I found this:
where someone is wondering the same thing, and software is suggested.

Update: the Treo solution doesn't seem to work well, I gathered from later posts.
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