If Power Cords Don't Matter...

First of all, I don’t own any high-end power cords, mostly because I can’t fit them behind my rack. Second, I am not trying to stir up controversy, as you will see from my question. I understand that the people who believe power cords make no difference argue that once the power gets into the component, the AC is converted to DC and the power supply of the component takes over completely. I think I have that right for the most part. So it that’s true, and it probably is from a traditional EE standpoint, why is it that I have not heard anyone say that power conditioners make no difference? I am not aware of anyone with a decent system ever saying that a Niagara or Triton or Audience teflon conditioner didn’t affect their sound, for good or for bad. So if the EE theory is true, wouldn’t power conditioners make no difference either? I have an Audience AR6T for almost 10 years and I think it made a big difference. BTW - I am not talking about Power Plants, which deal with voltage stabilization, which is a different topic.  Obviously, if your AC voltage is way off, it's going to cause problems.  
That’s easily explained by Voodoo Science.


Well let’s pretend that people actually DO hear a REAL difference.
Then what is the causal mechanism that is happening?

One would think that they could put a scope (or A2D) on the power coming out the end of that cord… and then actually see some things that are other than 60 Hz (or 50Hz) being removed.

If I was able to see some high frequency noise on the bad cords, that was removed on the good cords, then it would be easier to imagine that that is a reason to believe in using a fancy power cable being worth having.

But when I have to really on my ears alone, then it might be more cost effective for me to just go to a hypnotist… and then I could end up at the same level of happiness for a lot less $.
(I still would not have nice looking cables, but then I would also not care.)

If the manufactures are doing something good, then what is it?There most be some science driving their effort.
Without some proof of it, then I am left to conclude that it must be voodoo or magic.

Obviously I fall into the data group. That is not bad, it is just how it is.
That is bad. Very bad. This hobby is about listening and enjoying good audio, not reading some white papers and getting a hard on staring at some graphs 

Obviously I fall into the data group. That is not bad, it is just how it is.
Waste of life trying to convince people who have an aversion to spending money on trying things. 
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