If not an Oppo 205 then what?

So I was going to purchase the Oppo 205 but now that Oppo will no longer produce it people seemed to have bought them up all up and are now trying to sell them for 2 or 3 times the original $1200 price. 

If I wanted to go with another brand what would you recommend? I want the unit to have Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.2, 4K, etc.

Budget level Samsung or Panasonic..
Mid range,Yamaha...Thats as far as my budget goes so any higher I have no idea...
Panasonic is coming out with their NEW upscale 4K player in the fall. Looks like it was designed to compete with the Oppo 205. Analogue outs, better video processing. Dolby vision plus the new HDR10+. No list price yet though.

bummer no headphone amp on the Panasonic.  Was looking at Oppo 205 for that as the headphone amp on my receiver is not that great.

Marantz makes comparable players as the Oppo's. Also Cambridge Audio as well are in the Oppo's price range for universal players.

Option (1) CAMBRIDGE and OPPO share the same DNA with the same motherboard

Option (2) a Superior audio and video: check out the ARCAM UDP411
I moved up to an ARCAM when (IMO) it bested my prior CAMBRIDGE in terms of both audio and video performance for HT. (I use a standalone high-end CDP for my 2-channel audio )

Check the Oppo website.  I believe they are considering one more production run of the 205.

"Also Cambridge Audio as well are in the Oppo’s price range for universal players."

"CAMBRIDGE and OPPO share the same DNA with the same motherboard"

Before I purchased my current Oppo 105, I owned a Cambridge Audio 751BD which was a great performer. Same platform as the Oppo 95. I switched to the Oppo 105 only because I found one on my local C-list for a steal and to use it’s DAC feature.  I was actually looking for a CA 752BD, which does have a DAC feature, when I found the Oppo 105


+1 @edlchiang62 - The website shows potential availability this June.
I signed for the wait list on Oppo's website. Thanks for the tip! 

And thanks to all of you for letting me in on some options. 

An OPPO 105(D) and  95D are also very good sonically. Get a used one.