If money is not a problem

What speakers would you buy if you had unlimited funds?
Kharma grand exquisite maybe. But speaker like that cost more money then my girlfriend and I make together in 5 years.
Buy all the scientists in the world, buy all the beautiful singers in the world. Get the scientist to product the best speaker for you and get those singer sing in front of you when the scientist is working.


Realistically, get different speakers for different kind of music. It's difficult to find one best speaker to fit every kind of music. Rock and piano have very requirement on speakers so ...
If dollars were no problem ... I'd buy right now that Harley that I intend to buy next March ... as for music, I love the A318B/M33A synergy ... totally wonderful for me ... my specificities ...
If money was not a problem, I'd simply build an acoustically perfect jazz club, fill it with the world's finest musicians, and sit and listen every night. Oh yeah, while sipping top shelf single malt scotch
I would like virginia peepelinee to sing for me than make love to me!
Who's virginia peepelinee?
Look at the front page of the news!
"forty men die laying virginia pipeline!"