If I were to upgrade from the Gallo 3.5?

Just giving this something thought for the future. I really love the Gallo's and really have no big complaints about them. I do use the SA sub amp but would not be nearly as happy without it.

 The speakers I would be looking for would need to be more detailed with better separation but yet forgiving on low SQ recordings. I also would like to have very good low end and better low midrange, sometimes I feel the Gallo's lack this on some recordings.

My room is 12X16 and I prefer my speakers out from the walls. My equipment Pass Labs 250.5 & XP10, Gallo Sa Amp, W4S Dac2dsdse, Sound Science Music Vault Ultra 2, Cerious Technologies Nano & Graphene Extreme Cables, Dh Labs Mirage Usb and Running Springs Haley power conditioner. I am in the process of deciding on room treatment and dedicated power which I plan to do before anything else.

I would be looking to stay between 4000 & 5000  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you like the 3.5, you may struggle to find a lot that you'd prefer near that price point.  Because that tweeter has such with de dispersion and crosses so low, the 3.5 behaves a bit like an Omni.  I find that sound quite distinctive (and quite appealing).  I use the Ohm 100 with a pair of Rythmik subwoofers and I suspect that the current Ohm line with subs might work for you.  Unfortunately, most other high quality, extended bandwidth omnis that I've heard are well north of your budget.

good luck.
I had the Gallo strada 2 with dual tr3 subs (reportedly very comparable to the 3.5s. ..possibly better?)...and loved them...and their enveloping sound characteristic. Although not a bass nut...I became very accustomed to having a solid bass foundation. I purchased a pair of Golden Ear Triton Ones....and it was everything the Gallos were but with better separation and more uniform crossover. The only downsides were their tall stature. ..and they retail for 5k. Surprisingly my wife likes the look much better!

Note: you cannot compare the lesser models to the one...I tried...although awesome at their price point...they are a different animal. Famous last words...but I have my speakers for life!
The Golden Ear Triton One look like something I'd like to hear, maybe they will be at Axpona. Any other suggestions?