If i want to record FM to a CD recorder, do i need

If i want to record from the FM tuner to a CD recorder, do i need an Analog to digital converter. Someone told me, i will need an A/D converter to record to the CD recorder. Is this true.
If you have a stand-alone component CD-R recorder for music systems, it will have a built-in ADC and analog input jacks. If you are using a computer-based burner for digital data input (and don't have a soundcard installed with its own ADC and analog inputs), then yes, you would need an outboard ADC to convert the analog signal from your tuner to digital first.
Why not consider an 8-track recorder? No refection on you, but I'm VERY bitter that FM has become total CRAP! I worked in radio during the heyday of progressive FM ('70's). FM has become a joke in creative programming, audio quality, and UNBEARABLE commercial scheduling loads. Deregulation allowed a monopoly of a few holding companies to own almost every license in all major, secondary, and tertiary market. Competition used to breed quality and diversity. Go to any city and hear the same nauseating clones, just different dial locations and call letters. Makes me wish for major sun spot activity every day! Happy Tunes (but not with FM anymore)!
With the occassional exception here and there, and then only in certain fortunate areas, I couldn't agree with Fatparrot more about the state of radio today. The FCC has conspired with the business interests to practically destroy (along with MTV) a cultural and artistic resource in this country whose loss to our musical quality of life will only be fully realized years after the irreversible damage has been done. Is this the inevitable fate of any artistic movement (in this case, popular music) whose dissemination is intimately bound up with mass media technologies? Can the internet and satellite transmission ever form communities that emulate the sorts of local variations which mark any indigenous artform with the spice of life?
In response to the two other postings above here are some important links regarding our ability as Americans to hear other opinions and a radically more diverse, rich, quality of music (NPR was pushed against the wall by Newt in 1995 stating he wanted them off the air. In response to Newt and much more corporate advertizing NPR has becoming incredibly vanilla. Just compare NPR, for example, to the BBC or the Canadian Broadcasting service.

Freedom is not truly freedom without alternative voices. Alternative voices are vanishing faster today than in the days of Joseph McCarthey. What makes this exceptionally incredible is "our" government via the FCC is pushing VERY HARD to get ownership not only of FM but also TV stations and more into a handful (as in one handful)of mega-sized corporations. Proof? Click here

There are FM alternatives, albeit a drop in the ocean of FM Cookie Cutter Crap, of REALLY community owned FM Stations CLICK HERE.

That said, since I live next to one of the best FM Stations, WORT FM in Madison, WI I Absolutely Love FM. It is one of the things that helps to create a very high quality of life. It is called Awareness.


There is something called an Art I/O something? Not too familiar with it. But it's a DAC and ADC for about $120. Drawbacks are, its analog inputs and outputs are all quarterinch jacks. Needs adapter for consumer use.