If I sell Pioneer/buy Aries, hear BIG difference?

I'm contemplating 'the jump' up to an Aries TT from my faithful Pioneer 'top of the line' direct drive

The Old Pioneer has been 'souped up' with a Grado Reference Platinum cartridge and an upgraded Maestro Tonearm cable.

Question: Will the sonic difference just BLOW ME AWAY?

Another question: Will I hear a difference between an Aries/JMW 10 versus an 'extended' Aries/JMW 12.5 setup?
Yes, It will.
If it does not.... get your hearing checked.


caution: please install a helmet with a chin strap before cueing a album otherwise your jaw will dent your floor permanently.
You will wonder how you put up with your Pioneer all these years. I have had Dual, AR, VPI MKII, III, IV, and now Aries JMW 10. I had a friend over who has never listened to analog at length. Thirty seconds into the first song off a MFSL George Benson "Breezin" LP, he hit the mute button and with a startled voice he said "How do you ever get motivated to put a CD on? How can you ever go back?" That sums it up. I am sure your Pioneer wasn't terrible, probably better than most CD rigs out there. You are in for a surprise however with the VPI...a pleasant one I might add. Jallen
At the risk of repeating what was said before, the difference will be dramatic. If it isn't I will come to your house and eat the Teres and buy you a new Pioneer.
Everything about the sound will be improved. You really have no idea what is on your LPs if you have been using the Pioneer. That is not intended to be a rip of the Pioneer as much as it is a compliment to the Teres.
The only question you will have after listening is why you waited so long.
Personally I prefer Sota TTs though.
I agree with the above posts. However, you will not hear most of the difference if your preamp and rest of the system is not up to the same level.
Well I DID IT!

Got a used (audiogon) Aries extended w/JMW 12.5.

Still setting it up, and am waiting for Symposium Ultra platform to put it on....

Thanks, guys.
Good for you!!! You won't be disappointed. It's amazing what is really hidden in those little black grooves. Let us know how you like it when it's up and running.