If I like Totem will I like LSA?

First post here. Looking to upgrade a 2 channel system in our great room. Not trying to fill the whole room (which is large) but just get more extended range than what we have now. Using my old LS3/5As from 1977 with Audionics CC-2 amp and some other gear. Not too bad except for absence of bass. Auditioned Golden Ear Triton 7s which had been recommended but really not our taste. The shop then suggested we listen to Totem Sttaff which we loved. I know it won't produce deep bass but will certainly be more extended than the Rogers. I've been reading about the LSA-2s either the base model or the Sigs and they sound like a lot of speaker for the money. Given that we like the sound of the Totems, are we likely to like the LSA-2s which I suspect might go a bit lower? Hoping that someone has heard both and can give some advice. Unfortunately no opportunity to audition the LSAs.
Thanks, Jim
I've owned Totem Arros and Hawks and have listened to a pair of LSA-2 a few months ago.

I remember the Totems being all that Totems are: full, warm, enveloping. Yet the LSA-2 Sigs were simply spectacular; they projected an incredible soundstage and though many full range speakers three or four times their cost have deeper bass, I didn't feel I was missing anything from them. They didn't disappear completely - a ride cymbal on Davis' "So What" still seemed to come from the left-hand tweeter, but on more produced recordings the instruments and voices hovered. Cassandra Wilson's voice floated and sang at me from somewhere just above my head about seven feet forward when I spun her "Miles" lp through the LSA's.

I'm not a dealer; in fact, I own a pair of Reference 3A de Capos I'm not giving up anytime soon. I do, however, power them through an LSA Statement integrated, but that didn't cloud my perception.

You can't go wrong with either choice. LSA's, though, offer more speaker for what you pay. Their customer service, so far, has been personable and prompt.
I would say that the best Totem is 'the one' model.
Otherwise, Reference 3A speakers are fine as well.

What other gear is in your system Jim?
Happy Listening!
Thanks so much. Just the sort of input I was looking for.
In response to Jafant. Current gear is all pretty old. Audionics CC-2 amp from about 1980 (SS and 70 watts per channel if I remember correctly), Odyssey Tempest pre-amp about 15+ years old, and an Ah Tjoeb CD player also about 15 years old or more. A Rega TT but not currently hooked up.