If I like Dynaudio monitors, I would LOVE?????

I am a Dynaudio addict on both the audiophile and pro audio aspects. I love the neutrality and cant get enough of the bass that there monitors put out. So, I have had the 1.3MKII, S1.4, 1.3SE, 140's etc.... I start to wonder if there is something else out there that I should try. Is there any other speaker maker that utilizes the esotar tweeter? Is there something that gives a better picture than what I am hearing but in the same genre as dynaudio? I was thinking Usher and Focal, but sad to say no one is around to demo them. Thanks for any input!
You don't say whether they have to be a monitor or floor-standing speaker, but if you love Dynaudio, why not stick with them, and just go up the line? I was a B&W owner and fan, until I heard tha Dynaudio Contour 3.4's, and thought to myself, these are the smoothest, sweetest sounding speakers I have ever heard. I wound up buying a demo pair of Contour 5.4's, and I'm crazy about them. I have built my system around them, and there seems to be no limit in the quality of sound they are able to deliver. As the supporting hardware gets better, so does what I am hearing from the Dyna's. That's where I'm at, and you could get a thousand different answers, and all of them right for the right person. I'm staying with what's making me happy.
If they have to be stand-mounted, get the Special 25's, or the C-1's, both great speakers. It is fun to try something new, so have fun if you're shopping!


You might enjoy the latter iterations of the Silverline SR17 and 17.5. I believe the VIII uses a Dyanaudio + Esotar combo. Great monitor. I've never heard the Dynaudio's you love so I could not comment on how they'd compare, but I'm a big fan of Silverline.

That is easy ...

I'll give you three good choices

1. Dynaudio Temptations

2. Dynaudio Confidence C4

3. Dynaudio Contour S5.4

Depending on your budget
Yes, I am a big Dynaudio and monitor fan as well. I own Contour 1.3mkIIs that helped displace larger Maggies and B&W P6 floor standers prior.

I've found Dynaudios in general do what they are designed to do extremely well and have a very natural sound, regardless of model. For very small monitors, the Contour 1.3 mkIIs have a very pleasing, well defined and extended low end.

But, like most any monitor design, the low end extension is only into the low 40s or so I'd say. which is great for the size but not quite full range. They also do not have the dynamic impact and authority of larger full range speakers which I have found is needed to make things sound like a live performance rather than a good reproduction on speakers.

To get that, I ended up adding a pair of Ohm 5 series 3 speakers, which is a very unique design. Had I not gone that way, I would have very likely gone with larger full range Dynaudios.
I just got a pair of C1's (9 days ago) and couldn't be happier (well except for the burn-in still which is still in progress). I dont think you will find a sweeter tweeter than the esotar2. It blends in so well.

I do also have a rel B3 sub and I'm still working at getting it crossed over. The C1's do go lower than the 45hz spec and I'm still looking for that exact point. I've ordered a bass test cd to see if that helps me find the right crossover point and volume level but haven't received it yet.
I'll second the Silverline Audio- I have Bolero, that uses all Dynaudio drivers, including custom- made for them
Esotar 330 tweeter.
Also Bolero are much more efficient at 92 dB, and easier to drive-8 Ohm nominal impedance. Cabinetry is a very high quality, beautiful veneer.
I listened for a while to the C1's at the last NY HE show
and found them somewhat "fuzzy" for lack of a better word.
I felt they were being pushed too hard and sounded like they were really straining, not effortless at all, even though the volume was only moderately loud.
Not sure if it was the room or equipment or what.
That was my only exposure to them.
Take a good look at the SP Technology Timepiece 3.0

Keep the speakers and change out the amps to really enjoy Dynaudio potential.

I’ve got the Silverline SR17 v3, which uses the Esotar tweeter and the Dynaudio dirver… I couldn’t be happier with them. I find them to be very revealing without giving up the “toe tapping” musical factor that Silverline is known for. My SR17’s are paired with a SS amp from McIntosh; the MC352.

I’m also very very happy with my Special 25’s. These are paired also with a McIntosh amp… this time the MC402.

So if you love the Dynaudio house sound keep them! And feed them lots of clean power, even at low volumes they need that little something extra.