If I don't want to lift the ceiling....

Any input/opinions/advice on hi-end amps and preamps (tube or ss) that are not large, and are still capable of driving greedy speakers(in size or power) would be appreciated.

I am looking for a second system that is both aesthetically, and musically appealing (currently system = Naim 200+NAimCD5+LP12+Dynaudio contour 1.1). Not to knock admirers of larger components, but I find myself drawn to small well designed/engineered components. Chalk it up to personal preference and not wanting my speakers/components/cables taking up half the room.

Musical taste is generally instrumental and vocal - chants, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance everyone,

I'm not clear if you are posing a question Unsound. And if you are, I don't have enough knowledge to respond...but, definitely not a digital system (so far as my understanding of digital systems are concerned)
Just read a review of a Bel Canto Reference 1000 on 6moons. Both the Underwood mod as well as the original. The reviewer 'bought' the original. Review sounds intelligent but I've found contrary user comments on tone in other forums. Its a small and very powerful switching amp. FWIW as I've yet to hear one.
Digital or switching amps.