If I bought Parasound JC 5 +, what preamp to go with it?

I already have a JC3 phono pre.

Thinking of adding a new power amp + pre amp.

Currently, the JC 3 goes through the line stage of an older Yamaha integrated, which punches above its weight and price point.  Japanese made Yamaha, circa 1988, I'm the original owner. Nothing wrong with the Yamaha. But I've got the urge to update. 

I'm thinking of adding a JC 5 power amp.  That raises the question, what pre-amp?  To be clear, not looking to replace the JC3+.  This would be a  volume controller with line stages/possibly outboard DAC; a "non phono" pre. . .  

The Parasound JC2 seems kind of a logical choice. It has only line stages, so I would not be paying additional for another  duplicative phono pre.   On the other hand, it costs about 3/4 as much as the  JC5.  Add some decent interconnects, shipping and tax, looking at well into $11K. 

So how much would it compromise things going with a different, less expensive preamp, just so that I have volume control and the ability to amplify my CD player through the JC 5?  For example, a  Parasound Halo P6?

The JC 5 and JC 2 combo are not exactly out of my budget,  but as I'm  maybe 8-10 years from retirement, that's a lot of nuts to spend on  two components. 

Not against other options, but where my sticking point is a low five figure price tag, I'm  probably not going with Pass, for example.  Nothing at all against Pass. I'm just not as familiar with their stuff.  And I tend to think, rightly or wrongly, that products made by the same manufacturer ought to be generally fairly compatible where mixing and matching,  you'd be going with trial and error. 

The JC3 is likely a keeper in any event. 
The JC5/JC2 combo would likely be "end destination" components. I don't think they would disappoint, but sound is subjective.  If they did not "wow" me, then I'd probably sell them. 
If you use the LA4 you will hear the JC5, not so much the LA4. I have the HPA4 which is the same as the LA4.
To refine the question, and take it in a little different direction:

I guess the JC 2 does NOT have an onboard DAC.   You'd either plug the CD player in direct or run it to an outboard  DAC through a line stage, I suppose. . . 

So what would be the pluses and minuses there?  In one sense, seems like you're paying more for less with the JC2 versus some other preamps.  OTOH,  You wouldn't be stuck with an onboard DAC if the technology got better over time?  And I understand some of the expense is designing the circuit/signal path, not adding bells and whistles. 
I'm asking, but guessing that might be one way to look at it. 

And, I'd put this out there.
Some of the Luxman Integrated amps which get pretty good reviews generally, and certainly on this forum, would be within the same price range.  Some options would actually be a few thousand less. 

It would duplicate a phono stage that I already have, but I could run the JC3 through a line stage. 

Anybody had experience going from Luxman to Parasound, or vice versa?

I have had one Luxman component, but it was a lower end CD player. 
I liked it. 

I understand Luxman has gone through a change of ownership since then. Back then, they were affiliated with Alpine.