If I bought a tube amp... Dynaudio 1.3SE

If I decided to buy a tube amp, should I look at the Jolida 502B if I wanted to save some cash. I was hoping at spending less than 1500. Thanks!
Most definitely, the Dynaudios will be sweet and the midrange will lose that grainyness that your AV receiver no doubt is leaving on your playback. My friends system throws a huge Soundstage with his Decware SET's and the Contour 1.8's.

Dynaudio can handle a great deal of power but they don't take very much power to sound real good. 1.3se's are more sensitive than the typical Dyn bookshelf. But if you want that palpable presence and all that lush tube midrange I say get the Jolida. Maybe look into some of the many mods for the Jolida once you've had it for awhile. You might just end up selling that surround system to buy a tube preamp and stick with two channel. Nothing like the real thing.