If hard drive betters optical digital retrieval

Then why doesn't someone develope a cd/dvd player that reads the disk transfers the data to hard drive, and plays it back from the hard drive since it sounds better?
Then when another disk is inserted does it all over again writing over the old data.

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Old news, the real deal is to slot a 64 gig (or bigger !) flash drive (i.e: no moving parts) into your PC of choice with a suberb usb dac, ala one of Gordon Rankins @ :


or from the likes of

UltraFi- iRoc, Benchmark- DAC1 Pre, PS Audio's LinkDac, & VAC's new USB Dac offering...

A flash drive equipped PC connected to one of the above is currently the "killer app" of audio media hubs in my opinion, and in many instances can totally "dust" a megabuck silver disk based front end...!

With an Apple laptop or MacMini and iPhone or iPod Touch for example, you can have full wireless remote control of your entire library with a comprehensive graphical interface which is light years ahead of any of the current competition in this rapidly evolving sector..and being software based can be updated virtually cost free and easily without alteration to your lossless ripped source library.

All the above can still cost less than a premium hardware device, most of which thus far, poorly attempt to combine half the above features in a proprietary manner...just my 50 cents worth !